Shakira and the Madonna have made way young

In New York there has passed ceremony of delivery of the most prestigious premiums in the field of popular music - « MTV video music awards » (MTV Video Music Awards).

The recognized stars - such as Shakira and the Madonna - have remained without awards. And the American group which till recent times of very few people knew has won. Interview own correspondent of NTV has taken from winners in the USA Vasily Arkanov.

At them one album is written down, is removed only three clips, and from a sort by it only year. Therefore inclusion of group « Panic at the disco » (Panic! At The Disco) at once in five categories already became sensation. And a victory over the most prestigious nomination - on the best video of year - sensation doubly.

When you bypass such colossuses as the Madonna (Madonna), Shakira (Shakira), Christina Agilera (Christina Aguilera) and « Red Jotas of Chile Peppers » (Red Hot Chili Peppers), from beginners suddenly you you become meters.


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