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shakira oir hips

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Fijacion Oral

Ani na přídavky se nezapomnělo – akustická verze „La Pared“ a nakonec výtečný remix „La Tortury“. Osmadvacetiletá Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll konečně světu ukázala, že není jen popová zpěvačka, která se vyžívá v horlivých latinsko-amerických rytmech, ale ukázala i to, že dokáže sama složit píseň, nejen s duchaplným textem, ale i skvělou melodií. Album leckterého fanouška Shakiry zaskočí, možná i zklame, ale postupem času snad každý zjistí, jaký poklad to vlastně doma má. Shakira nejde nahoru, spíše na tu střední cestu a na novém album všem ukáže, že ji to ani tak nevadí. Možná už byl přece jenom čas odpoutat se od textů s tak ubohou tématikou, jakou je zklamání nebo štěstí s láskou, kterou dokážou dělat všechny popové rychlokvašky na světě. "Fijacion Oral" není lepší než předešlé alba (od Laundry Service po Pies Descalzos), ale je to zase jiný šálek kávy. Ale ne zase tak jiný, aby mohl mít úspěch.

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Shakira we feel so welcome

Shakira your music...that enables people to touch it. I don't just create traditional music. If you want to touch the world, you have to shakira something different. I always like to create my own rhythms."BBC has called him the James Brown of Africa. A Ghanaian journalist wrote that his voice distinctive voice "cleaves through the.
Shakira to the different instruments, you only need to feel the rhythm and soul. You don't need to know the meaning of the words. I love Indian music. I don't fully understand it but I enjoy it spiritually," Zimba tells The Jerusalem Post during a telephone interview.Zimba and his eight piece band will take shakira stage in Rishon Lezion on April 1 with their mix of African ballads, funky jazz and rap.It's their first trip to the Middle East."I know the history of Israel but I don't know the country. It's my first trip to the region," Zimba says. "I have no problem coming to Israel. Actually, we look for…

Mp3 shakira

Mp3 shakira their twenties - big appetites, friendly, quick to make a joke. This trio, however, is decidedly mp3 shakira of the ordinary. Performing as the Tel Aviv Trio, Jonathan (piano), Matan (violin) and Ira (cello) have won a dizzying number of international music competitions, most recently the Melbourne International Chamber Music.
Mp3 shakira Matan. "We don't have any intention to represent a specific policy. mp3 shakira musicians.""But we do represent Israeli culture," says Jonathan. "We want to show a different face of mp3 shakira And in many countries, we feel so welcome."In Thailand, for example, one of the king's advisors lent Ira a cello after his unexpectedly broke. On a flight to Germany from Vietnam, a young Vietnamese woman recognized Jonathan from their televised concert. "We kept in touch after the flight. It's really amazing to make connections with people from all over the world."The trio is currently part of the…

Oral Fixation vol. 2 [ENHANCED]

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1. How Do You Do
2. Don’t Bother
3. Illegal (featuring Carlos Santana)
4. The Day and the Time (featuring Gustavo Cerati)
5. Animal City
6. Dreams for Plans
7. Hey You
8. Your Embrace
9. Costume Makes the Clown
10. Something
11. Timor

Oral Fixation Vol. 2

The English-language Oral Fixation Vol. 2 finds Shakira reclaiming some of the bite she showcased on 1998's smashing Donde Estan Los Ladrones? The Colombian rock goddess is making up for lost time: this is her second disc of new material in 2005. It's quite a feat, considering the four-year gap since Laundry Service, her scattershot, English-language debut album. Oral Fixation Vol. 2 is more mature and better focused than the spin-cycle pop of that 2001 disc. Kick-off track "How Do You Do" starts with a haunting reading of "The Lord's Prayer" before launching into a risky questioning of faith and religion. Shakira touches on the highs and lows of celebrity on a trio of tracks--the bittersweet "Your Embrace," the guitar-driven "Costume Makes the Clown," and the disco-fied, politically charged "Timor." Selfish men and failed relationships--two oft-mentioned topics of interest--anchor much of Oral Fixation Vol. 2. First single…



Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll

No-one can accuse Shakira (real name Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll) of being a run of the mill Latin pop artiste. Her voice can be picked out from across a room, and those dance moves – you’d have to be visually impaired not to notice her.

There’s a reason for her popularity, and in this English language follow up to Fijacíon Oral Vol.1 (June 2005), she proves that she can keep her English-speaking fan base happy too.

Dramatically starting off with a choral rendition of a section of “The Lord’s Prayer”, “How Do You Do” is definitely one to watch, and first single “Don’t Bother” is about losing a lover to an admittedly better woman in all areas but one.

“I’m sure she doesn’t know
How to touch you like I would
I beat her at that one good
Don’t you think so?”

Chock full of great songs, she follows up the first two songs with “Illegal” featuring Carlos Santana, and “The Day and the Time” with Gustavo Cerati. “Animal City” and “Dreams for Plans” are also good, “Hey You” is a bundle of retr…

I am not shy

I thought I'd better update this thing :) Well I won't bore you with the elaborate details but I'll just say I'm a guy who likes watching TV and then reviewing what I had just watched. is a great place with tonnes of colourful people. A PM is always welcomed and I am not shy when it comes to chitchat.