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Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll

No-one can accuse Shakira (real name Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll) of being a run of the mill Latin pop artiste. Her voice can be picked out from across a room, and those dance moves – you’d have to be visually impaired not to notice her.

There’s a reason for her popularity, and in this English language follow up to Fijacíon Oral Vol.1 (June 2005), she proves that she can keep her English-speaking fan base happy too.

Dramatically starting off with a choral rendition of a section of “The Lord’s Prayer”, “How Do You Do” is definitely one to watch, and first single “Don’t Bother” is about losing a lover to an admittedly better woman in all areas but one.

“I’m sure she doesn’t know
How to touch you like I would
I beat her at that one good
Don’t you think so?”

Chock full of great songs, she follows up the first two songs with “Illegal” featuring Carlos Santana, and “The Day and the Time” with Gustavo Cerati. “Animal City” and “Dreams for Plans” are also good, “Hey You” is a bundle of retr…