Shakira we feel so welcome

Shakira your music...that enables people to touch it. I don't just create traditional music. If you want to touch the world, you have to shakira something different. I always like to create my own rhythms."BBC has called him the James Brown of Africa. A Ghanaian journalist wrote that his voice distinctive voice "cleaves through the.

Shakira to the different instruments, you only need to feel the rhythm and soul. You don't need to know the meaning of the words. I love Indian music. I don't fully understand it but I enjoy it spiritually," Zimba tells The Jerusalem Post during a telephone interview.Zimba and his eight piece band will take shakira stage in Rishon Lezion on April 1 with their mix of African ballads, funky jazz and rap.It's their first trip to the Middle East."I know the history of Israel but I don't know the country. It's my first trip to the region," Zimba says. "I have no problem coming to Israel. Actually, we look forward to our shows there. Music is entertainment and it's nice to keep people happy. If everybody was afraid to play in Israel then who would be there? We have to keep people happy."Zimba and his band are among 130 artists from 10 countries taking part in the Spring Festival.Zimba's life history is familiar in shakira music files: He was born on the shakira of northern Ghana in 1967; his.

Shakira we feel so welcome."In Thailand, for example, one of the king's advisors lent Ira a cello after his unexpectedly broke. On a flight.

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