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Stars including Yehuda Levi and Ofer Schechter appeared at Ramat Hasharon's Cinema City for the premiere of the new show, strolling down the grassy green carpet before taking their place alongside family, friends and members of the press to watch the series opener, which will be followed by a new nightly installment of the show Sundays through Thursdays. HOT 3 representatives, dressed in tracksuits featuring the channel's logo, distributed bags of sunflower seeds to audience members before the lights went down and credits for the new series appeared onscreen. After weeks of relentless on-air promotion, it was time for viewers to see what Ha'alufa is all about.

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Time marches on, of course, and in the blink of an eye it's the present day, with Saar now the charismatic star of fictional soccer team Hakoach Yerushalayim. Well-mannered and much better dressed than he was in the previous decade, he's also taken a managerial role with the team, dating and impregnating the owner's daughter (Adi Himmelblau) for good measure. Gone from the scene - at least temporarily - is the dark-haired Maytal, a fact that allows Saar to recycle one of the more sensitive lines he used to woo her during their ill-fated youthful romance. Is he a cad? He doesn't appear to be, but something about him comes across a little too perfect, perhaps.

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In fitting Prince Charming style, Tom finds himself wooed by Mili but attracted to the socially inferior Sigi, who accidentally spills a cup of coffee on him during the series' second episode. The subplot may be a rip-off of a fairy tale, but Schechter's got a knack for physical comedy that's well matched by Gavrielov's wide-eyed virtuousness. His character is only trying to be nice when he tips Sigi for cleaning up the coffee spill, but having done so in front of Tova and Mili, the intended act of generosity only puts the clean-up girl back in her place. Part of the series' most obvious storyline, the scene is momentarily arresting, authentically capturing the tensions that underlie so many of the interactions between members of the working class and even their well-meaning social superiors.

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