Well, since it was announced on her site that this song will be her next single, it was obvious that it will be a huge hit. And it is. Deserved? Umm yeah, but...
Well, it is a superb song, great rythm and music but the lyrics are kinda weak and that Wyclef rap... it could go without it; like in the original (and much better version) Dance Like This (one of my fav songs of all time) (from the movie "Dirty Dancing Havana Nights"). Since the movie was released and the soundtrack too, I had the song DLT on the replay for days and even months. It is an amazing song; Wyclef Jean feat. Claudette Ortiz. And why that original version is better? Well, first - it is a song from a movie ("see you do the dance to the conga (afro-cuban dance); you come from Havana (related to a movie), second - the lyrics are much better (much of the lyrics are the same but the chorus is different), third - Claudette has softer voice which goes better with this song, fourth - there is no rap, and fifth - you can really feel the song when you watch the movie (almost full song is played in the movie). So... I ain't saying that Shakira's version is bad, it is a good song and I am happy cuz she re-recorded it because now everyone will know about the original one. :)

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