Fundacion Pies Descalzos

Shakira, the Colombian poetic lyricist will be honored with the Spirit of Hope Award for her charitable work through her Fundacion Pies Descalzos (Barefeet Foundation). The foundation, which was created by Shakira in her native Barranquilla and has since extended to other regions of Colombia, aims to change the living conditions, including education, nutrition and lifestyle, of the thousands of children who have been displaced by violence and have been left in a vulnerable situation due to the internal conflicts in this country.

Laundry Service

I had never heard of Shakira before she released this cross-over English album, but it took less than a second for me to become a fan. I first encountered Shakira's name atop a list of most popular videos and wondered who in the world this performer was. The Whenever, Wherever video totally blew me away; I admit it took a couple of viewings for me to get past her beauty and all of those amazing little moves and shakes she has perfected, but pretty quickly I realized that the song in and of itself was addictive. Soon I was watching both the English and Spanish videos of the song, eagerly awaiting the moment when a CD full of Shakira's music would find its way to my stereo. As someone not very familiar with Latin music, this album brings a whole new type of sound into my world, and my appreciation and interest in this style has grown immeasurably as a result of my buying this album. My respect for Shakira likewise grew in leaps and bounds as I learned more about her, such as the fact that at 24 she not only wrote or co-wrote all of these songs but also produced them, as well as the fact that she was already one of the most popular Latin singers in her part of the world.


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