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Lemon Law in California

I have a car and I guess this will help me:


A purchaser or lessee of a motor vehicle has various rights under both state and federal law if the car does not perform as provided under an express warranty. Warranty law can be complex, and it is impossible to describe comprehensively all of the law in a brief space. The following comments briefly explain the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and what is popularly known as the "Lemon Law."

This message is not a substitute for your contacting your own lawyer who can best advise you of your rights under the particular circumstances of your outbreak. The Attorney General's office cannot advise you of your legal rights and cannot represent you in a warranty dispute.

1. Coverage For New Motor Vehicles.


The Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act (beginning with Civil Code section 1790) provides protection for consumers who lease or buy new mot…

Laundry Service - Great Disc

Shakira is a wonderful singer she has a very strong voice. Laundry Service is a great disc to have in your collection. Great variety of tempos and beats. Fabulous music and singing.


Q: How do you say "Shakira" in Hebrew?
A: שקירה

обои для рабочего стола

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S-K-E-T-C-H U-P!

S-K-E-T-C-H U-P!The SketchUp synch lets the users fly about and build their world--flagging favorite spots, localizing friends, errecting their childhood home.

Maps Don't Lie or Shakira Concerts in Europe

Shakira Concerts in Europe
I'll post all Shakira European concerts dates soon and will link each concert hall to the Google Maps. Linking is really easy and will help Shakira fans to know exact destination of our favourite singer. Maps Don't Lie!!!!!


1. بعدكم ماشفتو شكيرة علا اصول ...
2. بعدكم ماشفتو شكيرة علا اصول ...
3. منتديات عالم حواء - مشاهدة الملف ...
4. لعشاق شكيرة صور حلوة - منتديات الـــود
5. منتديات الـــود - لعشاق شكيرة صور ...
6. نوادي الحوار السورية - عرض مشاركة ...
7. نوادي الحوار السورية - مخالب ...
8. منتدى الرحال - مشاهدة الملف الشخصي ...
9. مجالس عربنا - من سمع أغنية شكيرة ...
10. هم تستاهلون هالريمكس من صنعي شكيرة+ ...
11. ساحة العرب - نغمات شكيرة من هنا بنت ...
12. كيوكات: ملف العضو شكيرة دخول » مواضيع ...

new cool game

Lyrics to Shakira Hips Dont Lie

Lyrics to Shakira Hips Dont Lie

Ladies up in here tonight

No fighting, no fighting

We got the refugees up in here

No fighting, no fighting

Shakira, Shakira

I never really knew that she could dance like this

She makes a man wants to speak Spanish

Como se llama, bonita, mi casa, su casa

Shakira, Shakira

Oh baby when you talk like that

You make a woman go mad

So be wise and keep on

Reading the signs of my body

And I'm on tonight

You know my hips don't lie

And I'm starting to feel it's right

All the attraction, the tension

Don't you see baby, this is perfection

Hey Girl, I can see your body moving

And it's driving me crazy

And I didn't have the slightest idea

Until I saw you dancing

And when you walk up on the dance floor

Nobody cannot ignore the way you move your body, girl

And everything so unexpected - the way you right and left it

So you can keep on taking it

I never really knew that she could dance like this

She makes a man want to speak Spanish

Como se llama, bonita, mi casa, su ca…

My name is Shakira Abramovitch.

Does Shakira name sound good with Abramovitch surname? Read more at

Shakira Site - Rumor of the day

I'm planning to open Shakira Google Base. Google Base is essentially a kind of web-based database where users can upload content. What kind of content appears to be mostly up to the user. If it can be stored in a database, it can probably be put into Google Base. There is a lot of potential here, but for me, I will have to experiment with it before I realize any personal benefit. I'll appreciate comments from other Shakira fans, maybe someone has already open that? Read more at - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News

Shakira has new tour dates and I don't see them on cnn, LOL Read more at


yahoo! is really annoying today, look at those slide from top advertisng banner!!! Read more at


I personally don't like the way Google test different approaches to interface - I'm already used to classical Google interface. I don't like vertical bar on the left, it is sooooo confusing. Let me use classical Google! How do I do that? Read more at

Shakira - The Oral Fixation Tour dates

Finally Shakira is going on a new tour! The Oral Fixation Tour dates are listed on her official site. Read more at

¡Baja "Será, Será" (Hips Don't Lie en español)!

I'm probably the first Shakira fun who can share with you "Será, Será" (Hips Don't Lie in Spanish)! Download file and open archive and yo'll see mp3 file inside. Será, Será!!!!!

Shakira concerts soon...

Date Event with Shakira Country
Jul. 9 World Cup Final Germany
May 26 Rock In Rio Lisbon 2006 Portugal
May. 6 Top of the Pops Italya
May. 6 Bravo SuperShow Germany
Apr. 27 Latin Billboard Awards USA
Apr. 8 Soccer Game USA
Apr. 4 CBS Early Show USA
Apr. 3 Women Together USA
Abr. 3 The Ellen DeGeneres USA

Shakira: Live & Off The Record: DVD: Shakira

Shakira: Live & Off The Record: DVD: Shakira

I wanted this Shakira dvd badly - was happy to found one link on the emule network. I waited 1 day fo my shakira vide, then one week, then one month! The Shakira dvd file was corrupted! oh my god, i was really pissed of and went to amazon and ordered it just for less then $14. I wish I could have bought it before, DVD is really nice and somehow intimate - dvd is genuinely surreal, I heard her voice and saw her dancing....amazing and worth every cent.

Do you have Shakira DVD? would you like to excahnge other shakira media files with me? Email me! Search Engine Optimization for Dummies: Books: Peter Kent

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How Shakira fan's site was exposed to test.Official Google Blog: This is a test. This is only a test.

Today I tried new flash blackjack game.
Official Google Blog: This is a test. This is only a test. How Shakira fan's site was exposed to test. Now I understand why listing for my Shakira music related site was constantly changed on Google listing. One day I even saw small triangle before titel and then I clicked it I saw detailed description of my site. I love Google and praise their effort to bring to us, the simple users of Internet, the best information availbale. Way to go Google!

Shakira Pic in Nature

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Shakira Biography 259 335
shakira underneath your …

Popular Sites about Shakira in Aprili 2006
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description - Yahoo! reviewed these sites and found them related to Latin R…

Shakira's Latest hit

I can email 0r aim you mp3 version of Hips - write to me - with subject "Hips don't lie" and your aim(msn or icq or yahoo)

Websites about Shakira - Official Site.

Ebay - Shakira - Find auction items related to Shakira.

Shakira Poster Shop - Find posters of Shakira.

Shakira Internet Search - Search the net for Shakira.

Ablazingly - Shakira - News, profile, pictures, forums, media, downloads and links.

Alto Entertainment - Shakira - A directory to Shakira websites.

Any Desktop Themes - Shakira - Desktop themes, icons and cursors.

Artist Desktop Themes - Shakira - Desktop themes, screensavers, wallpapers, and skins.

Biggest Stars - Shakira - Pictures, bio, profiles, facts and links.

Celebrities Zone - Shakira - Pictures, bio, contact information and links.

Celebrity Pictures Archive - Shakira - Shakira pictures, photos.

Celebrity Search Engine - Shakira picture gallery.

Celeb We Love - Shakira - Image galleries, cards galleries, profile, biography, credits, pics, photos, pictures and related links. Shakira - Picture gallery and related links.

Entertain Guide - Shakira - A directory to Shakira websites.

MBVS: Shakira - Sha…

Oral Fixation, Vol. 2

Das Entzücken von Shakira am Verwechseln von Erwartungen, und besteht nirgends darin, dass besser gesehen als darin, wie sie ein massives Überkreuzungspublikum auf ihren eigenen Fristen sicherte. Sie vermischte lateinischen Knall und amerikanischen Hauptströmungsknall, sowohl auf dem Tanz als auch auf leichten hörenden Seiten der Gleichung, auf ihrem 2001-Durchbruch, Wäscherei-Dienst, aber es war kein krasser Kassengriff - sie erleichterte sich in den Übergang, Lieder auf Spanisch und Englisch auf der Aufzeichnung erwägend, indem sie Melodien in beiden Sprachen fertigte, um sowohl an langfristige Anhänger als auch an neue Zuhörer zu appellieren. Dieser Satz die Bühne für ihr Anderthalbliterflasche-Opus von 2005, das zweiteilige Album Fijacio'n das Mündliche/mündliche Fixation. Volumen man war ihr erstes spanisch-sprachiges lateinisches Knall-Album seit 1998 und das zweite, war ihr allererstes vollenglisches Überkreuzungsalbum, und wenn irgendjemand annahm, dass die Letzteren eine …

Vote for my shakira blog!


Hola Shaki

111. Shakira - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Music
112. Shakira Johnson
113. Shakira photos, quotes and trivia. Shakira biography. Everything ...
114. Shakira UK
115. Free Shakira downloads galore. Shakira screensavers, desktop ...
116. - The Shakira Unofficial Fansite
117. Shakira forum multimedia and news fan site -
118. Shakira

Hola Shaki!!!Estuve en el concierto que diste en Malaga,y fue ESPECTACULAR.Your concert in Malaga, has been FABOULOUS,INCREDIBLE,just like you ;-).
Espero que te siga llendo tan bien en tu GIRA.

My Shakira

My favourite pop and rock star Shakira is perhaps the most recognizable and certainly, the most intriguing voice in Latin pop and rock today.
The twenty-something-year-old singer and songwriter, who catapulted to international fame with the multi-million selling "Pies Descalzos," effectively broke the formulaic mold of Latin pop with an authentic sound that hadn't been heard before.

Shakira's tunes, like her famous hit single "Estoy Aqui", are melodic, musically surprising and gritty, with intellectual lyrics and an modern acoustic blend.

Wisconsin's lemon law

Wisconsin's lemon law
If the motor vehicle you buy or lease turns out to be a "lemon," the manufacturer has to replace it free or refund the price (minus a reasonable amount for mileage).

What is a "lemon"?
A new vehicle - no more than a year old and still under warranty - is a "lemon" if

It has a serious defect the dealer can't fix in four tries, or
It has one or many defects that prevent you from using it for 30 days or more (the 30 days need not be consecutive)
What is a defect?
A defect covered by the Lemon Law must seriously affect the use, value or safety of your vehicle and must be covered by the warranty. An irritating rattle may not be "serious" enough to make your car a lemon. Stalling probably is.
What vehicles are covered?
The law covers any new car, truck, motorcycle or motor home you buy or lease, even if you register the vehicle in another state. It also covers a demonstrator or executive vehicle.

How long are you covered?

The l…

Shakira Quotes

Shakira Quotes: "I want some day to be able to love with the same intensity and unselfishness that parents love their children with"

I admire Madonna because she always did whatever she felt like doing. She went through some controversial periods when people rejected her, but she kept on reinventing herself

שקירה - ביוגרפיה

עם הזמן הפופולריות של הזמרים הלטיניים נטה
,לגובה, תפס שילטון ולקח מקום ראשון במצעדים
בשביל אף אחד זאת לא הייתה הפתעה, לכך שהזמרת
,הלטינית פופ/רוק שקירה תקבל כינוי של כוכבת
כפי שהיא קיבלה במדינה שלה בדרום אמריקה, כך
.גם בשאר הארצות

שקירה - זהו שמה האמנותי המקוצר מתוך שמה המלא. שקירה
היא תופעה של עירבוב כישרון טבעי, חוכמה ואופי- אוסף
.של התכונות אלו מולידה באדם תוצאה טובה מאוד בכל התחומים

.שקירה נולדה ב-2 לפברואר 1977 בברנקיליה , קולומביה

.היא הקטנה מבין 8 הילדים במשפחה: שקירה איזבל מברק ריפול

,ההורים שלה- ויליהאם מברק, לבנוני ונידיה ריפול, קולומביאנית
,תמכו בבתם בהגשמת חלומותיה להיות זמרת. שקירה תמיד ידעה
שהייתה רוצה להיות מקצועית בתחום המוזיקה, וכבר בגיל 8 הילדה
כתבה שירים אישיים. בגיל 11, עם כישרונה הרב בכתיבת
שירים, היא התחילה לנגן על הגיטרה. כל הבית ספר ידעה בייעוד
המוזיקלי של שקירה ובידע שלה בניגון על הגיטרה- היא אפילו
עזבה את להקת בית הספר, כי הקול שלה סתם את קולם של
.שאר הזמרים בלהקה

שקירה עמדה במבחנים בכל תחרות בכל המקומות. שקירה עשתה
רושם רב על השופטים, אשר ללא שינוי הודיעו אותה כמנצחת
.בתחרויות מ…

Shakira.."Hips don't lie" - Google Video

Guys, this is crazy - Roberto Agulair has combined his favourite animated video game character with latest hit!

Latest News about Shakira - April 9

SHAKIRA TO PERFORM AT RED BULLS OPENING GAME AT GIANT STADIUM THIS SATURDAY!Shakira will be performing "Hips Don't Lie" with Wyclef at Giants Stadium this Saturday, April 8th, at halftime during the opening game of Major League Soccer's New York Red Bulls. Rihanna is performing at the pre-game. The game starts at 7:15 pm. For more info, click here. VIDEO FROM THE CBS EARLY SHOW Shakira and Wyclef appeared on the CBS Early show on April 4th. You can watch footage from their interview & performance here! VIDEO FROM SHAKIRA'S APPEARANCE ON 20/20! Shakira was interviewed by Chris Connelly on 20/20 on March 31. Get more information and watch clips from the interview here. GET "HIPS DON'T LIE" NOW ON ORAL FIXATION VOL. 2! The album includes "Hips Don't Lie" featuring Wyclef Jean, "Don't Bother," and an alternate version of "La Tortura!" If you already own Oral Fixation Vol. 2, click here to get &quo…

SHAKIRA lyrics

Shakira new pictures, rare photos, pics, 0 gallery without nude or naked or hot and not sexy,but only lyrics, filmography, movies, tv Read more at

Give Them A Tour

Shakira Full albums, MP3 download, Lyrics, Tabs … some search results - not really interesting....givethematour.freeagent...

Absolutely New! Shakira photo, poster, wallpaper, and red-carpet pictures.

She is from Columbia and she was born on 2th Ferbuary 1977. She's got seven brothers and sister. Her parents are Nidia Ripoll and William Mebarak. Her first album is "Magia" and she has produced this album, when she was 13 years old. Read more at

Shakira - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Shakira is one of my favourite singers. She's so good! I like her music, her clips and all, what she does... She is a very good singer, I think. My favourite songs are "La Tortura" and "Don't Bother". "La Tortura" is a nice song and "Don't Bother" is the best of all!!! The lyric of this song is interesting and beautiful. I can listen to her songs every day. Read more at

Not Shakira?

They are not assosiated ewith Shakira but you can find nearly everything about our Columbian star - posters and tickets, mp3 and videos, cds and singles. Read more at

Shakira Official Site

Oh my God, I just love this site! It has two versions to suit surfrs from different countries. I guess not every Shakira fan has brodband connection, so they have simple HTML version. Real amuzemnet you have with the flash version of Shakira site - they have everything, music, video, pictures and even games! Read more at

shakira - Google Search

I wonder if many people serach just for "shakira" keyword. Google started to show pictures for famous singers. It is nice to see pictures when you search for your favorite singer. Read more at

Official Google Blog: New Firefox extensions

Official Google Blog: New Firefox extensions: I found the box in the lower right corner annoying. I did close the box to take care fo that. The comments that it finds looks like a who links to here type of information. at the moment I have it off and will only turn it on when I get to a site of interest. If I forget that I have it, then it will get removed.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD - Jesus Take the Wheel Music

Jesus Take the Wheel Music: Carrie Underwood certainly has the wholesome good looks you'd expect from a country girl-turned-pop star.

Guide to researching and buying yahoo domain names

So you've read the introduction to yahoo domain names, or are familiar enough with the subject to know you'd like to buy one... now what?

There are many different ways to research yahoo domain names and to find inspiration for new yahoo domain names to register. The way you research yahoo domain names will be colored to a large extent by the intended use for the domain name i.e. is it being registered for a new or existing site, for investment purposes or to "protect" an established brand or trademark.

It's time to inject a long-overdue dose of realism here: if you're researching yahoo domain names with the intent of making a quick profit (the "get rich quick" motive) then you are frankly coming very, very late to the domain name party.

While there are hundreds of thousands of yahoo domain nameslisted for sale at exciting prices, from thousands to millions of dollars, exceedingly few sales are taking place - and those names that are selling are almost…


The album includes 'Hips Don't Lie' featuring Wyclef Jean, 'Don't Bother,' and an alternate version of 'La Tortura!' If you already own Oral Fixation Vol. 2, click here to get 'Hips Don't Lie' for free in Shakira's Virtual Club as a Windows Media download! (PC only)
You can also order it online here.

Also inside the club are audio streams of exclusive 'Don't Bother' remixes plus special computer wallpaper and an AIM icon! To access the club, you'll need a copy of Shakira's Fijacion Oral Vol. 1 or Oral Fixation Vol. 2.

MARCH 29 AMERICAN IDOL Shakira will perform 'Hips Don't Lie' with Wyclef Jean on American Idol!
MARCH 31 20/20 Shakira profile
APRIL 27����…

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Los extractos siguientes son traducidos de cualquier lengua Shakira hace su pensamiento en ...

El martes

¡Ah, qué día tan hermoso! Decidí salir a pasear para ayudarme inspiración de hallazgo para algún nuevo poema lírico de canción, y he vuelto rebosando de ideas. Realmente, parezco a un paso ligero de gacela majestuosamente por la nevera y saltando por el prado de nata muy espesa - gritos, no debe gastar todas mis ideas buenas aquí. ¡Tengo un álbum para escribir!

Antes de que yo consiguiera a mitad de camino abajo la calle que el lechero me llamó para preguntar si yo todavía quería aquellas dos pintas suplementarias de semidesnatado para el viernes, y cinco minutos más tarde yo había escrito ya mi nuevo 'Milkfloat' solo en mi cabeza. No voy a presentar todo el asunto aquí por si alguien robe mis ideas brillantes, pero el segundo verso va "ah, ella parece a un milkfloat / Toma de hacer de su amor / Lejos de la lechería de mi corazón." Amo escribir canciones en inglés, hay tantas palabras líricas encantadoras para jugar con ...

Esto es sólo el principio, de tod…

Cathy Young on Immigration

I've really liked a lot of Cathy Young's Reason columns over the last few years. But her latest, on immigration, totally misses the mark.

To me, the biggest failing is that she leaves out the issue of America's national interest. She argues that the descendants of legal immigrants shouldn't feel superior to illegals - even though illegals, by definition, broke the law and came against the will of the democratically-elected government.

Essentially, immigration law is presented as something done to benefit people in other countries. I can see where Young is coming from, because she came from the Soviet Union herself, but it's really not the purpose of the U.S. government to apply itself to foreigners' needs.
This story is pretty disturbing -- some rapists are using dating sites like to find prey.

I've been critical of social Web sites in the past, in particular MySpace for its policy of letting 14-year-olds put up profiles with personal information. But I think the story misses the mark. is a place where adults meet potential dates when they want to. There is really no reason to believe that 10 dates found on will be more dangerous than 10 dates found by meeting guys/girls at bars. In other words, hysteria over meeting people on the Internet assumes that nothing bad ever comes from meeting people in real life. Every example of an Internet date turned bad is taken as evidence against Internet dating.

Also, the scariest thing about this story is that the women didn't put themselves in particular danger. I've argued (also here) -- and I still believe -- that your behavior can affect your chances of being raped, but all these women did was go to the bath…

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