Search Engine Optimization for Dummies: Books: Peter Kent Search Engine Optimization for Dummies: Books: Peter KentWant to get your site ranked high in Internet searches? Just submit your pages to the search engines, right? Not nearly enough says Peter Kent - which is why his new book, Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, comes in particularly handy.

Use effective Web site structure and text, including filenames, directory structure, title tags, descriptive meta tags, keyword meta tags, and an HTML navigation system,
Avoid things search engines avoid, such as frames, invisible navigation systems, including those created with Java applets, Java Scripts and Macromedia Flash, cluttered sites overloaded with HTML unrelated to content, and more
Bulk up your site with content—original or recycled
Use specialized search systems to attract valuable, highly targeted traffic
Use link popularity to boost your position and your PageRank


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