Guide to researching and buying yahoo domain names

So you've read the introduction to yahoo domain names, or are familiar enough with the subject to know you'd like to buy one... now what?

There are many different ways to research yahoo domain names and to find inspiration for new yahoo domain names to register. The way you research yahoo domain names will be colored to a large extent by the intended use for the domain name i.e. is it being registered for a new or existing site, for investment purposes or to "protect" an established brand or trademark.

It's time to inject a long-overdue dose of realism here: if you're researching yahoo domain names with the intent of making a quick profit (the "get rich quick" motive) then you are frankly coming very, very late to the domain name party.

While there are hundreds of thousands of yahoo domain nameslisted for sale at exciting prices, from thousands to millions of dollars, exceedingly few sales are taking place - and those names that are selling are almost always doing so for a fraction of the asking price.

So don't let the asking prices for yahoo domain names color your judgment on the true value of yahoo domain names -- for investment purposes, 99% of yahoo domain names registered to date are worthless. This theme is covered in more depth in a recent feature story on this site.

To succeed in making decent money from yahoo domain names, you are generally going to have to be very quick, very imaginative or both. Many top domain name players have set up automatic programs (called "scripts") to grab expiring names off hold as soon as they become available. You can't hope to compete with a computer program that doesn't need to eat or sleep, and that works in a fraction of a second!


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