Hola Shakira - Fans are making Shakira a happy woman

Angelin Music: Hola Shakira!
Hips Of Shakira: Hola Angel!!!
Angelin Music: Great to have you with us!
Hips Of Shakira: The pleasure is mine, thanks for having me
Angelin Music: Where are you chatting from today?
Hips Of Shakira: From Barcelona
Angelin Music: wow, really cool. Are you doing promotion or playing a concert?
Hips Of Shakira: I am meeting with the director of my tour, finalizing all the details for my "Oral Fixation Tour,” which is about to start on the 14th of June in Zaragoza, Spain
Angelin Music: speaking of the tour, we heard that your dates in New York, Miami and Los Angeles are all sold out!
Angelin Music: how does it feel?
Hips Of Shakira: It feels incredible. This is an amazing moment in my career. I heard that the Miami show was sold out from the internet before it even went on sale. I can’t believe it.
Angelin Music: WOW!!!!!!! Congrats
Hips Of Shakira: I am so thankful to my fans. They are making me a happy woman.
Angelin Music: and we are happy for you!
Hips Of Shakira: Thank you!
Angelin Music: Are you excited for Rock in Rio?
Hips Of Shakira: Very much. I love Portugal. People are always so nice to me there.
Angelin Music: What have you heard about the festival?
Hips Of Shakira: That Roger Waters is going to play and he is an acquaintance of mine, as well as other great artists
Angelin Music: Any thoughts on meeting Axl Rose?
Hips Of Shakira: Who doesn't want to meet Axl Rose!!!
Hips Of Shakira: I also know Anthony from Chili Peppers and Santana is a friend. It’s going to be a great artists' encounter!!
Angelin Music: How has your live show evolved in the past year?
Hips Of Shakira: This new show will have a very strong dance element. The lights, the sound, the imagery will be artistic but sober. This show will have moments of beauty, but I will stay away from overproduction.
Angelin Music: looking forward to it!
Hips Of Shakira: The music will be the most important thing, so my public will be able to sing along all the songs they are familiar with
Angelin Music: Perfecto! Me encanta! We love it!
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AngelinMusic: What is the best concert YOU ever saw? Describe it or tell us what was so great about it?
HipsOfShakira: Depeche Mode
AngelinMusic: I love you now even more!!!
HipsOfShakira: The best part about it was the music and the fact that Dave Gahan is a great performer and the best live singer I've ever heard
AngelinMusic: What do you do for fun on the road when you are not onstage? hobbies, etc
HipsOfShakira: Meet up with the band, listen to their jokes
HipsOfShakira: read all I can
HipsOfShakira: and play tennis once in a while.
AngelinMusic: Can you tell us a little bit about the Barefeet Foundation in Colombia?
HipsOfShakira: It’s doing really well. We have 3,074 kids who we provide with food, psychological assistance and education
HipsOfShakira: And we are building new schools in remote areas in Colombia
AngelinMusic: It was great to see you with the kids at the Latin Billboard Awards
HipsOfShakira: It was great of Telemundo to have flown them from Colombia to Miami
HipsOfShakira: They are kids who live in extreme poverty in Colombia
HipsOfShakira: they were having so much fun! They saw the ocean for the first time and they went shopping!
AngelinMusic: They must have enjoyed that so much.
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AngelinMusic: What's a normal day like for Shakira?
HipsOfShakira: There are no normal days in my life
HipsOfShakira: except for when I am in my house in the Bahamas
HipsOfShakira: There, I can play with my three dogs and plant flowers, go to the beach and stare at the horizon
HipsOfShakira: other than that, I am always on a plane, rehearsing, doing interviews, in the recording studio, etc.
AngelinMusic: You've been all over the place promoting your album, and your latest hit ‘Hips Don't Lie,’ so I have to ask… do you have to use a nickname when checking into a hotel so that people don't recognize you?
HipsOfShakira: I use a nickname, but only so I am not woken up at 3am
HipsOfShakira: I don’t mind people recognizing me. I like it when people in the street call me by my name and show me their affection.
AngelinMusic: All of your hard work is certainly paying off...
AngelinMusic: So what's in your iPod right now?
HipsOfShakira: Nothing. I’ve had no time to fill my iPod with songs
HipsOfShakira: it’s the emptiest iPod on earth
AngelinMusic: Well, my iPod is filled with YOUR songs!
HipsOfShakira: You are so sweet!!!! Thanks.
AngelinMusic: What was it like working with Alejandro Sanz??
HipsOfShakira: It was inspiring, fun and just lovely
AngelinMusic: It was great chatting with you, Shakira. Thanks so much for taking the time with us today.
HipsOfShakira: Thanks so much for your time as well.
HipsOfShakira: Big hugs to you.
HipsOfShakira: SHAKI!
AngelinMusic: Best of luck with everything, and we'll see you at your tour dates here in the U.S... Abrazos!
HipsOfShakira: Chau


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