Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland may have discovered a world of opposites when she stepped through an enchanted mirror; but with the band the Outside View, local music fans have the opportunity to receive an inside look at the trio's perspective on all things music.

"Our lyrics are drawn from things anywhere, ranging from philosophy to personal hardships," said vocalist/guitarist Sal Spinelli. "Everything we write about has a certain story or feeling behind it. Life introduces us to opinions and experiences, and we, in turn, love to write about them."

Made up of Temecula's Sal Spinelli and Ryan Kilpatrick, and Murrieta's Ben Coltharp, the Outside View came together in a blend of neighbors and friends.

"In early 2005, after meeting in our apartment complex, Ben and I started writing music together with an acoustic guitar and drums in Ben's small heated garage," said Spinelli. "Soon enough, we realized that we wanted to really put an effort toward playing at least one show. Ben brought in a friend who had played some guitar, but we were still in need of a bass player. By mid-2005, Ryan was introduced to me and Ben by our original guitarist, Mike, and was immediately asked to join the band. Before we knew it, the Outside View was doing small West Coast tours, and playing many intimate joints, to more well-known venues such as Hard Rock Cafe, and Key Club in L.A.."


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