da vinci code

well i went to see this movie before anyone else. just because i didn't want to have to pay for it so the screening was of course essential. i must say after viewing it, i cannot imagine how someone had the ability to create such a counter to all that is christianity. completely clever adaptation for sure. i was blown away, it was very deep and everything it said could make sense and be very possible. however, if i was religious wow i bet i would hate this movie. i'm willing to bet christians everywhere have a closed enough mind not to accept any of the ideas presented in this film. obviously there are probably the odd few that will.

a point i do have to make is the movie just goes on way to long, and normally i love long movies (king kong kicks all ass) but this movie was very slow and having no action or suspense or anything made for a long long drag. consider also it is very religious in it's own way, and i have no interest in religion either but was willing to try to understand it here.

i heard rumors people complained about it being hard to follow and confusing as all hell. this to me was not true, i stuck it out till the end and got every point it wanted to make. i admit me being non religious i had a bit of trouble seeing some of the things, but i'm sure anyone that has a little knowledge of christianity beyond just the knowing of the existence of the bible and jesus, can get this without much effort.


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