Latin City

I have a job. I work at Latin City!I'm a laid back person. I'm very good with computers as well! And i like to hang out with my friends and other stuff!Also if u don't know yet i'm Arabic!!!! Let's see i was born in Chicago,IL in 1982! I made the 80's! Don't forget i'm in the 11th grade now! Junior! Yeah i'm 17 years old! I live in Atlanta,GA! i am a southeren boy! Also as u can tell i do watch alot of TV! There's my all time favorite Roswell!I am a Roswell Dreamer meaning a fan of max and liz! Then there's The 4400,Charmed,Veronica Mars,Las Lagas,Smallville,Supernatural,Everwood,Pepper Dennis,Shakira,Buffy the Vampire slayer,Angel and alot of other shows which i have forgotten now! I'm an ordinary teen! I hang out with my friends and we do get alittle crazy sometimes! I have gotten my heart broken before.But yeah won't go there right now! I'm a preppy but am a nice one! I am also a clois fan! Lois and clark rule! I hate Clana! Trust me i do! Oh i also have a myspace as well! If u wanna know it just pm me! I think thats all i have 2 say for now!

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