Perfect Diamond

As you walk along on your quest for the perfect diamond for your mate, you hear, “Pssst! Hey mister, I hear you’re looking for some good rocks. I’ve got some great stones, really reasonably priced. I’ll even throw in the ring for free!” Sounds shady? You bet he is! Of course, you wouldn’t really buy a diamond from a guy in an alley wearing a trench, right? Bet you’d be amazed by how many scams are pulled and in broad daylight by jewelers who seem absolutely honest. Some of them even have beautiful shops that look really hi-tech. Beat them at their own game by learning their scams. The bigger the better, a lot of people say. When a jeweler tells you that you have a five carat diamond ring, don’t get dazzled by the carats. If there was only one stone then you’d have no problem. You might actually be getting a 1 carat diamond surrounded by eight half-carat smaller pieces. An honest jeweler will tell you the weight of each stone in the ring separate from the center diamond. In fact he’ll even give you a certificate from a reputed lab such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) as proof.


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