Pretty Persuasion

My friend dragged me along to see this film, as she adores Evan Rachel Wood and just HAD to see it! I hesitatingly complied, even though I really wanted to see Hard Candy, and guess what? I really liked this
Pretty Persuasion

Review – Pretty Persuasion is a very sassy, in your face film that reeks with wit and charm, while also managing to sustain a very dark undertone to everything. Initially a comedy, in its first forty minutes it throws out racial slurs, bizarre and sexual explicit dialogue and some very foul scenes indeed without having any regard for its audience. Yet despite all of this, it is done with such a casual tone that it’s impossible to become either offended or uncomfortable when viewing, as it really is an accurate, if somewhat embellished, look at how teens act and speak. There are spot on performances from the entire cast and some huge laugh-out-loud moments, but the movie isn’t exactly perfect. If anything it tries too hard to be ‘’shocking’’ and while some instances might dip into such a title it all seems too forced and isn’t naturally flowing, trying too hard to impress. Also the movie has difficulties with blending humour with the weighty drama it tries to convey, one either outweighing the other in some cases meaning a particular scene might fall as a result. Overall, this is a sadistic little freak of a movie with Evan really amping up the B*** factor, she makes the plastics from Mean Girls seem like Angels. While far from perfect, and as all sassy teen movies do - end rather flat - it still packs an impressive punch despite being riddled with clichés. But if anything the first forty minutes are worth watching and if you liked ‘’Heather’s’’ then by all means check this out!

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