What is a P2P or File Sharing Network?

P2P stands for peer to peer or person to person. In laymans terms, a P2P service or network is one where a central service provides a way for multiple computers to connect to each other. The P2P service will provide each computer special software that allows the computer to connect to the network, perform searches, and allow download or upload of files.

Once your computer is connected, you can search the entire network based on keywords entered into the search software. When a file is found, you can download or copy the file to your computer. From there, the file can be transfered elsewhere such as burning to a CD.

The P2P service will generally charge a small fee for allowing your computer to join the network. The fee allows the P2P service to stay in business and covers customer service to help resolve your questions.

In essence, this huge P2P network of connected computers allows unlimited files to be shared with all those that want them. That is whay they are also referred to as file sharing services or networks.

File Sharing networks are extremely popular because they allow you to access all kinds of files for free. File sharing services allow you to download an unlimited supply of music, movies, games, TV shows, ringtones, ebooks, and more for free so you can see why they are so popular.


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