Oh, what a beautiful day!

I decided to go out for a walk to help myself find inspiration for some new song lyrics, and I've come back brimming with ideas. Really, I feel like a gazelle tripping majestically through the fridge and skipping through the meadow of clotted cream - whoops, mustn't waste all of my good ideas here. I've got an album to write!

Before I got halfway down the street the milkman called me over to ask if I still wanted those extra two pints of semi-skimmed for Friday, and five minutes later I'd already written my new single 'Milkfloat' in my head. I'm not going to put the whole thing up here in case someone steals my brilliant ideas, but the second verse goes "oh, she is like a milkfloat / Taking the churns of your love / Away from the dairy of my heart." I love writing songs in English, there are so many lovely lyrical words to play with...

That's just the beginning, anyway. When I got into the town, I stopped to pass the time of day with old Mr Jenkins who was waiting in line for his pension. Suddenly I felt another rhythm run into my head, and before long it turned into "na da da, I want to be your pension book, together when we're old, in a warm and cosy nook". I think that's got tons of potential. See, I don't understand why other singers need people to write their songs for them when there's this much material just lying around out there!

I thumbed through the dictionary when I got home and found the following words that I'm going to use in my next song: artex, gregarious, quixotic, fallacious, ubiquitous, sanskrit and nanoscience. Such pretty words! Oh, and I saw that signpost pointing to Aberystwyth, so I've got to get that in there too. 'Fallacious Aberystwyth' is a great title, right?


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