Underneath Your Clothes

The one noticeable problem with Shakira's live concert dvd is her vocals, which sometimes waver in their consistency. In the midst of her enthusiasm, she has a tendency to exaggerate her melodies, and she adds vocal flourishes where they are not appropriate. Although she is able to add a sense of tenderness to ballads such as "Underneath Your Clothes" and "Tu" with her subtle vocalization, she has an opposite, admittedly grating effect on her rendition of "Objection (Tango)." She begins the song by singing over a drumbeat, and she deliberately and repeatedly cracks her voice for emotional effect. Shakira is trying too hard to impress in situations such as these, and she undermines one of her strongest singles in the process. Other choices on the set list are not suited for a live context. Her cover of AC/DC's "Back in Black" is a letdown because Shakira voice is not harsh enough to deliver the chorus with intensity.


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