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halloween is coming

So let’s talk about Halloween!

Dude, Halloween is awesome. You get to dress up and be stupid and act like a dumbass. With a reason though! I never understood those parents who decided Halloween was about worshipping the devil or something. What?! How does that work?? Personally, I think God likes Halloween too because it’s supposed to be fun and people just don’t get it.

Life. Fun. Yes.

Anyway. So where I went to college, Halloween was a big honkin' deal. EVERYONE did the Halloween deal. I was going to go though the years and find pictures from my various crazy college Halloweens, but I’m at work. And even if I was at home I’d probably be too lazy to find all the pics, so I’ll just talk about them instead. So use your imagination.

SO! The first year I was a member of Charlie’s Angels with Sister and roommate. That was fun, and I actually think I posted a picture of that on my blog awhile back because we looked so good. Ha.

The next year we did another theme. But this…

journey into my world: The Journey of Love

Came across this blog and liked it - The Journey of Love





3 lg. chicken breasts
3 tbsp. flour (sprinkle with salt and pepper)
1 (10 or 13 oz.) can chicken broth
4 tbsp. butter or olive oil
3 tbsp. fresh chopped parsley
8 oz. pkg. fresh mushrooms
1 c. Marsala cooking wine

Cut chicken breasts in half - (be sure all fat is removed). GENTLY pound with finger tips or meat pounder. Coat each piece with flour.
In large skillet, melt butter or olive oil on low. Brown chicken on each side about 2 minute (medium heat). Remove chicken from pan.

Add chicken broth, Marsala wine, parsley, and sliced mushrooms to skillet and simmer about 10 minutes. Add chicken and let cook on low about 15 minutes.

Serves 4-6.

Halloween Hermits

Halloween Hermits

1 1/2 cups butter
4 cups flour
2 cups sugar
3 eggs
1 tsp. each cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg
1 cup currants or dates, chopped
1 cup raisins, chopped
1 cup any kind of nuts, chopped
1 teaspoon baking soda
3 tablespoons bourbon, rum (or milk for the kiddies!)

Preheat oven to 350°F.

Cream together butter and sugar, until creamy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Add dry ingredients and baking soda.

Stir in nuts, raisins and chopped currants or dates. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto silicone or parchment-lined baking sheets.

Bake at 350°F for 8-10 minutes.

Puppy Love

Puppy love has made me barking mad

The new puppy - Lucky - is a maniac. It might look nice - like a fat brown sheep - but it's the devil incarnate. It's only been with me for two nights but so far its catalogue of misdemeanours outweighs Argos's.

It has massacred the Berber carpet I dragged all the way across Morocco and back through LAX at five o'clock in the morning. It has torn to shreds a rather special pair of Arts and Crafts dining chairs. It won't eat its breakfast and it far prefers Dockers shoes to the pair made from tripe I bought for it at no mean expense from a pet shop in Russian Hill.

It sleeps on my head from where it barks out of the window - all night - at imaginary birds. It found the packet of doggy chocs - an important part, apparently, of its reward-based training programme - and ate them all, before looking me straight in the eye while it peed on the carpet.

Out of the house the puppy is the bitter end.

The young dog lapped heartily at the baby…

latest news

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lily allen with smile

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Pies Descalzos

As a response to the esteemed people of the press who tagged her engagement to Antonio de la Rua, the son of the former President of Argentina, as frolicksome and haughty. Shakira performed at a charity concert in Buenos Aires and later on promoted her charitable children's foundation 'Pies Descalzos' (Bare feet), which is called so after her third album.


Talented singer Shakira recieved a triple platinum disc for the sales of Fijacion Oral 1 in Colombia at a pressconference in Radisson Hotel in Bogota.Shakira.Not released yet, the album has already sold so well on presales that the estimated sales figure for the first day in Colombia is 75 000 - 80 000 copies.


Music fans and critics in America often misconstrue Shakira, seeing her as nothing but a pretty face to splash across magazine covers. However, a closer look at this Colombian singer/songwriter illustrates a more accurate depiction.

Aside from writing her own lyrics -- which are eccentrically poetic in both Spanish and English - and penning and producing her own music, Shakira is a magnetic performer. Years of being one of Latin America's biggest music stars before breaking into the English-speaking market with "Laundry Service" has given Shakira a mesmerizing, physical stage presence. She flashes her expressive eyes, shakes her hips and belts her vocals with unbridled enthusiasm. Shakira is, in many ways, the "whole package" in the music industry. As Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Colombia's Nobel laureate, so eloquently put it, "Shakira's music has a personal stamp that doesn't look like anyone else's, and no one can sing or dance like her, at w…


Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO - News) is currently sitting right above its 52 week low, and has had a pretty bad quarter. In the last 6 months, Yahoo stock has dropped over 30%. A lot of speculation has been going around that YHOO could be a takeover target of Google (NASDAQ: GOOG - News), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT - News), Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA - News), AOL Time-Warner (NYSE: TWX - News), or AT&T (NYSE: T - News).

Game Over?

The problem today is that China isn't willing to play the game the way the Japanese did. If we drop the purchasing power of the dollar, the Chinese, by pegging their currency to the dollar, also drop the value of their currency. The United States then pays back its debt with a cheaper dollar.

The irony is that we accuse China of playing games with their money. It's more honest to say that China just isn't willing to play the game we want to play.

But an even bigger problem is looming: It seems like the rest of the world is less willing to play our money game. That's why the European Union introduced the Euro. If China creates an Asian equivalent of the Euro (which, admittedly, is a long shot) then the U.S. dollar could be in real trouble.

If the oil-producing nations stop accepting the dollar and switch to gold or the Euro, things will definitely get sticky. The world might be tipped into a global recession and possibly even a depression.

For now, though, this funny money …

Life and Tax Changes

For every major life change, you'll find associated tax issues. Don't think it's true? Let's see if I can convince you.

A new career

This might be one of the proudest days in your life, a time of new opportunities. Whether it's a part-time job while you're still in high school, or the dream job you accept after receiving your advanced degree, the issues are still basically the same: You'll be given a paycheck by a new employer, and Uncle Sam will take some of that paycheck in the form of income-tax withholding. How much will he take? That'll depend on how you complete your W-4 withholding form.

How should you complete your withholding form? That depends. If you're a student, you may be able to claim an "exempt" status, since your income is so low that you won't have a tax liability. If you have a spouse, children, and a mortgage, you may be able to claim additional exemptions to reduce your withholding. Be sure to pay attention to these…

La Playa

Shakira, the pop diva of "Hips Don't Lie" fame, will reportedly donate the proceeds from her November 15th concert in her hometown of Barranquilla. The funds will be used to build an arts school for children that have been forced from their homes as a result of Colombia's civil war.

The concert is one of many in the singer's Oral Fixation tour. The hip-shaking, international star has announced that the school will be located in La Playa, a poor suburb of her hometown. Estimates have 45 percent of the area's residents as minors with barely half of the school age children actually attending school.

The bilingual (Spanish and English) school, set to open in 2008, will bear Shakira's name. The school has received approval from Colombian education officials and is being designed by Rafael Vinoly, the designer of the New York's Jazz at Lincoln Center facility. Shakira, one of the most recognized Latin singers and songwriters in America, has been nominated for…


Riding through the city on my bike all day
Cause the filth took away my licence
It doesn't get me down and I feel ok
Cause the sights that I'm seeing are priceless

Everything seems to look as it should
But I wonder what goes on behind doors
A fella looking dapper, but he's sittin with a slapper
Then I see it's a pimp and his crack whore

You might laugh you might frown
Walkin' round London town

Sun is in the sky oh why oh why ?
Would I wanna be anywhere else
Sun is in the sky oh why oh why ?
Would I wanna be anywhere else

When you look with your eyes
Everything seems nice
But if you look twice
you can see it's all lies

There was a little old lady, who was walkin down the road
She was struggling with bags from Tesco
There were people from the city havin lunch in the park
I believe that it's called al fresco
Then a kid came along to offer a hand

But before she had time to accept it
hits her over the head, doesn't care if she's dead
Cause he'…


Lily's debut album Alright, Still was released as a strictly limited edition 12" vinyl in the UK on July 3, 2006, and the full CD release followed in the UK and the rest of Europe on July 17, 2006. The album features 11 tracks, most of which were previewed on her MySpace page, including the single, "Smile" (the first song she ever wrote with Future Cut), "LDN," "Knock 'Em Out," and "Alfie," a song about, and dedicated to, her younger brother, Alfie Owen-Allen. A track called "Friday Night," co-written with Jonny Bull, is also included, alongside "Littlest Things," produced by Mark Ronson.

In concert, Allen performs a parody of 50 Cent's "Window Shopper" called "Nan, You're A Window Shopper," which will be commercially released as a B-side to "LDN," as clearance did not come through in time for the Alright, Still release date.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen (born 2 May 1985[2]) is a pop artist from England signed to Regal/Parlophone (EMI), and known for songs such as "Smile" and "LDN". She is the daughter of actor/comedian Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen. Her debut single "Smile" reached #1 on the UK singles charts in July 2006.


Without question, Latin rock superstar Shakira has a lot going for her. She produces her own albums, writes her own music and has one of the most distinctive voices in her genre, if not all of music today. Her previous album, the platinum Los Ladrones, was unquestionably innovative, passionate and expressive, surely one of the staples of modern Latin rock.

Unfortunately, that's all lost in translation.

Laundry Service, Shakira's debut English language album, is fragmented and inconsistent, failing to allow the freedom that Shakira's voice essentially demands. Her range of material is constricted to cliched ballads, tracks painfully reminiscent of 1985 and Latin-flavored material that falls flat on its face.

The album opens with "Objection," a rock-driven but tango-inspired track that begins optimistically enough; the song has energy that most of the album lacks. The frenetic pace of the verses, combined with a lack of a full grasp of English accentuation patterns…

שטיחי ריקוד


Come Fly with Me


Illegal immigration

I'm opposed to illegal immigration. I don't care where they come from. I can understand why these illegals are coming to America. They are looking for a better way of life. What I can't believe is the stupidity of our government. As far as I can remember, it's always been against the law to hire, harbor or transport any illegal immigrant.

Now some local governments want to fine landlords for renting to illegals. How is that for the height of stupidity? Would you rather see these illegals trashing our countryside? One thing I would do is fine those landlords for not maintaining their property -- yes, there's a law for that. The question is, do we really need the outside labor force? Evidently we do. Otherwise, we would not have these 13 or 14 million illegals living in this country.

Do you have any idea as to how much it would cost to capture, detain and deport illegals? No, well, me either. We have a lot of protesters out there, some for and some against illegal immi…

Oral Fixation Vol.2

I've always adored Shakira for the boisterousness and vociferousness that she imports into her music. Be it "Whenever Wherever" or "La Tortura",her music combined with appealing lyrics have always sent a thrill of pleasure and liveliness down my feet and her latest sensational single,"Hips Don't Lie",released from the new album "Oral Fixation Vol.2" and featuring Wyclef Jean is no exception. Shakira lets loose her vibrant music and is so charming in her tone and rhythm. Shakira has really come a long way in becoming a real Latin pop diva and the Colombian singer is surely a big thing in the pop music industry. She looks so killing and sensuous in the video of the song too. "Hips Don't Lie" is another jewel for any pop music lover's treasure closet.


There really hasn't been a whole lot of unique collaborations within the past few years. Nevertheless, there have been some noticible acceptions. That has been the case with Shakira with her universal La Tortura which hit very well last year. This time, her latest hits just as well. Hips Don't Lie with Wyclef Jean from Fugees fame is one of the most well-received collaborations I've heard within the past few years. The song is very delightful to enjoy and very upbeat. I like this song a whole lot because it is fresh and better than what is hot on radio right now. This is a great song, and I hope Shakira continues to make more great duet songs like this soon.

Bollywood music video

After shaking her hips Bollywood style during her performance at the recent MTV Awards, Colombian singer Shakira appears to have been converted.

The pop star has now expressed interest in doing a Bollywood music video.

She hopes that it can be done with the help of top Bollywood dance and film director, Farah Khan, who worked with her on the awards night performance.

Shakira had seven nominations at the New York ceremony, but only won best choreography for Hips Don't Lie.


Shakira will donate the proceeds from a concert in her hometown to build an arts school for 1,800 children forced to flee their homes by Colombia's civil war.

The concert, part of the pop diva's worldwide Oral Fixation tour, will is scheduled for Nov. 15 in the Caribbean port city of Barranquilla and is being billed as a festive homecoming for the hip-shaking international superstar who last month was nominated for five Latin Grammy awards.


Movistar is offering, via its emocion portal, the music, images, ringtones and exclusive videos of Shakira in Venezuela

Shakira wins five trophies at Mexican music awards

MEXICO CITY -- Colombian pop diva Shakira won in five categories at Premios Oye!, a Mexican music award ceremony.

Shakira, who is playing a series of concerts in Mexico, won best album for Oral Fixation Volume 2, song of the year in Spanish for "Las caderas no mienten" and song in the year in English for "Hips Don't Lie," best video and a special award for song writing in her song "Dia de enero."

Premios Oye! is hosted by The National Academy of Music in Mexico, an association of musicians, record company executives, music journalists and others. The ceremony was Thursday night. (AP)

new wiki

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They have sex for many DUMB reasons. Low self esteem having girls have it to get or keep their BF. smmfh Hoping they'll get knocked up so they be attached to some silly boy who could give less than a damn about them. Too stupid and naive to recognize the game. He'll tell you anything to get some darling. They believe they are invincible. They don't believe they can catch anything. Some are even foolish enough to believe they can tell if someone has something by looking at them. They do it cause everybody else is doing it or so they say. They never seem to think that other folks might be lying about whether they really sexing or not. And even if they are, what the hell that got to do with you. Not enough backbone to be their own person. They wanna do what everybody else is doing.

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1 Faf Larage Pas le temps =
2 Cascada Everytime We Touch NE

3 Star Academy Y'a qu'un ch'veu ME

4 Tribal King Fa?on Sex -2

5 Moby & Myl?ne Farmer Slipping Away / Crier la vie (int?gralit?) -2

6 Shy'M Femme de couleur -1

7 Bob Sinclar Rock This Party =

8 Bebe Lilly La jungle des animaux -4

9 Yannick Noah Donne-moi une vie -1

10 M. Pokora Mal de guerre NE

11 Cassie Me & U -1

12 Johnny Hallyday La loi du silence -6

13 The Pussycat Dolls Buttons feat. Snoop Dogg -1

14 Justin Timberlake Sexy Back -5

15 Puff Daddy aka P. Diddy Come To Me feat. Nicole Scherzinger +4

16 Lily Allen Smile =

17 Pascal Obispo et M?lissa Mars 1980 -6

18 Titou le Lapinou Le Titou -1

19 Nelly Furtado Timbaland NE

20 Lorie Fashion victim' NE

21 Pakito Moving On Stereo -7

22 Laurent Voulzy Derniers Baisers (int?gralit?) -9

23 Rihanna Unfaithfull -2


MTV Unplugged

Here is Shakira presented before her enormous crossover success. "MTV Unplugged" is a wonderful document of the Shakira that had already conquered Latin America before becoming a staple of the American airwaves (eventhough she already had legions of fans in the U.S., particularly in the Hispanic community, before her English debut was released), it features the Colombian beauty singing completely in her native tongue songs that are exhilarating, evocative and classic. It's practically a live version of her hit "Donde Estan Los Ladrones" album, the record that remains her best work. Live and unplugged the songs shine with a wonderful display of Shakira's vocal range and capacity for creating an intimate mood. Consider the almost tender, dreamy atmosphere of "Moscas En La Casa," a romantic journey of one lover missing the other. "Inevitable" is still an exciting rocker with hints of The Beatles and Led Zeppelin through-out. "Ciega, So…


Treated me kind

Sweet destiny

Carried me through desperation

To the one that was waiting for me

It took so long

Still I believed

Somehow the one that I needed

Would find me eventually

I had a vision of love

And it was all that you’ve given to me

Prayed through the nights

Felt so alone

Suffered from alienation

Carried the weight on my own

Had to be strong

So I believed

And now I know I’ve succeeded

In finding the place I conceived

I had a vision of love

And it was all that you’ve given to me

I had a vision of love

And it was all that you’ve given me

I’ve realized a dream

And I visualized

The love that came to be

Feel so alive

I’m so thankful that I’ve received

The answer that heaven has sent down to me

You treated me kind

Sweet destiny

And I’ll be eternally grateful

Holding you so close to me

Prayed through the nights

So faithfully

Knowing the one that I needed

Would find me eventually

I had a vision of love

And it was all that you’ve given to me

I had a vision of love

And it was all t…


(Shakira) You're a song Written by the hands of god Don't get me wrong cause This might sound to you a bit odd But you own the place Where all my thoughts go hiding And right under your clothes Is where I find them Underneath Your Clothes There's an endless story There's the man I chose There's my territory And all the things I deserve For being such a good girl honey Because of you I forgot the smart ways to lie Because of you I'm running out of reasons to cry When the friends are gone When the party's over We will still belong to each other Underneath Your Clothes There's an endless story There's the man I chose There's my territory And all the things I deserve For being such a good girl honey I love you more than all that's on the planet Movin' talkin' walkin' breathing You know it's true Oh baby it's so funny You almost don't believe it As every voice is hanging from the silence Lamps are ha…

MTV Unplugged

I enjoyed the way Shakira mixes Latin and oriental vibes with pop and rock. It creates a rich and varied sound, and it stands out today's marketed pop standards. I have not heard the studio version of those songs (yet), so I can't compare, but live they sound energetic and original. If I have to pick favourites I would say "Octavo Dia", "Moscas en la casa", "No Creo", "Ojos asi" and "Inevitable" but I do not skip any track.


jenna jameson and friends - September - 2006

jenna jameson and friends: "Adult movie superstar Jenna Jameson has been immortalised as a waxwork in Madame Tussauds."

Copying From Audio Tape to Audio CD?

Basically we have to do a two-step process: Getting a digital version of the audio tapes, then burning those digital audio files to standard CDs.

First we need to rip the data off the cassette tapes. You'll need one special piece of hardware in addition to a tape deck: You need a cable that connects from the audio-out jack on the tape deck (this could be standard red and white RCA jacks or a mini speaker plug, depending on your deck) to your computer (which will accept a 1/8-inch mini speaker plug). You can obtain such a cable online or at any electronics store. If you're a novice, you're better off going to a store and explaining exactly what you're trying to do. Take the tape deck, if you can, to make sure you get a compatible cable. Connect the tape deck output to the AUX IN input on your PC. (If you're using a laptop, you'll have to use the MIC IN jack.) Make sure you turn this input on in Windows, as by default it is off in most cases.

Now we're about re…

Diddy Featuring Nicole Scherzinger - Come To Me


Nicole Scherzinger

Scherzinger's only solo release so far is her cover version of "Breakfast in Bed" on the soundtrack to 50 First Dates, under the pseudonym Nicole Kea. Her various recordings as a backing vocalist, guest artist or leader of a group are listed chronologically in the discography section of this article.

In 2003 (prior to joining the Pussycat Dolls), Scherzinger sang live at the Tokyo International Forum performing "I'll Be Your Love", a song by composer Yoshiki. [2]

In acting roles she has appeared on the television shows My Wife and Kids, Las Vegas, and Half & Half; and in the films Chasing Papi and Love Don't Cost a Thing.

Scherzinger has been working on a solo album since late 2005. The singer has already worked with producers Akon, Timbaland and Polow Da Don. A track completed in mid 2006, tentatively titled "Steam," was leaked on the Internet days after it was recorded with Bryan Michael Cox and co-producer Wyldcard. Her solo album is sched…

Childhood and beginning

Shakira was born to a Colombian mother, Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado and an American born father of Lebanese Catholic descent, William Mebarak Chadid, in Barranquilla, Colombia, where she says she grew up among the Lebanese, Jewish and Italian communities." Shakira, which means "grateful" in Arabic, is named after her paternal grandmother. She was one of seven siblings, one of whom is her road manager. Shakira attended Catholic school and began writing and composing music at the age of eight, and later choreographed dance routines. At school, she says she had been known as "the belly dancer girl", as she would demonstate a number she learned every Friday at school. "That's how I discovered my passion for live performance," she says.[1] One of her first songs was called "Tus Gafas Oscuras" (Your Dark Glasses), which was about her father's grief over his son who had died in a car accident. At the age of ten, Shakira tried out for h…

Shakira on the Set of her New "Illegal"

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Hips don’t lie

Shakira hace historia y conquista el nº 1 de singles en EE UU con 'Hips don’t lie'

De histórico cabe calificar el nº 1 Shakira logrado por Hips don’t lie. Un tema creado junto a el ex miembro de Fugees Wyclef Jean y que fue lanzado unos meses después álbum en inglés de Shakira Oral fixation vol.2, aunque posteriormente incluido en una reedición del mismo. La canción ha alcanzado lo más alto de la lista tras 12 semanas y con una espectacular ascensión en ésta última desde el noveno puesto.

En la historia personal de Shakira, Hips don`t lie lógicamente supera su mayor éxito hasta ahora en Estados Unidos. Fue Whenever, wherever, que en 2001 alcanzó el nº 6 de la lista de singles. Más recientemente, La torura, su dueto junto a Alejandro Sanz, se quedó en el nº 23, aunque con la dificultad añadida de ser cantado en español. El primer single del álbum Oral fixation, vol. 2, Don’t bother se quedó en el 42.

También hay que decir que Hips don't lie ha batido los récrods de emisiones p…


Chaque semaine retrouve sur MCM les 50 singles les plus écoutés.
Décidemment on arrive pas à détrôner le grand gagnant de ces dernières semaines Faf Larage avec Pas le temps. Le top trois change de visage car deux nouvelles entrées font leur apprations Cascada avec Everytime We Touch et Star Academy 6 avec Y'a qu'un ch'veu, qui signe également la meilleure entrée, rien que ça?. Restons dans les nouvelles entrées qui sont légions cette semaine : M.Pokora (Mal de guerre), Nelly Furtado (Timbaland), Lorie (Fashion victim'), Fort Minor (Where'd you go), Paul Sean (Cole Keyshia), Fergie (London Bridge), Anggun (Juste avant toi), Marianne James (Les people), Stinky (Oops), Upa Dance (Sambame), Cheb Mami (Non c'sera non), Christina Aguilera (Ain't No Other Man), Karol (L'enfant et l'oiseau). Malgré les fortes chutes des titres ont peut distinguer P.Diddy (Come To Me) qui gagne 4 places en 15ème posistion. En revanche, Pink retrograde à la 44ème position en…

Shakira was Awesome

Shakira has been my wifes favorite musical artist for over 10 years. I was expecting a good show but we got an AWESOME SHOW. She sang for over 2 hours. It was not short at all. From this experiance I know that I'll always buy front row tickets to her concerts from now on. It was literally the best concert I've ever been to.

Shakira knocks out San Antonio

Shakira has incredible stage charisma and comes off as very down to earth as she prances around the stage barefoot. Not pretentious and able to draw the audience into her performance. She actually jumped into the audience without fear and had people singing into her mike. That's incredible in this day and age.

We love you Shaki

I can hardly find the correct words to explain just how awesome the concert was to me!!! It far exceeded any expectations!! I loved that I was able to have center stage front row tickets.

I have followed Shaki's career since 2001 and this was my first time to be able to see her in concert.
She has all the talents needed to be able to provide her fans with a show that they will always remember!!! She has such a beautiful and powerful voice.

She will always be Number One for me!!!!
My only hope is that one day she could play in Shreveport, Louisiana at the Century-Tel Center........I know it would be sold out!!
We love you Shaki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shakira Tickets

Shakira seduces both English and Spanish speaking audiences with hits “Underneath Your Clothes,” “Whenever, Wherever,” and her erotic belly dancing moves. Now out with her new album “Fijacion Oral Vol. 1,” Shakira is sure to make a splash! Don't miss your chance to see Shakira shake it LIVE!

saw her in 2003,she danced and moved less,and thats cause the tour was based on the hit single "hips don't lie" she had too many concerts perhaps she was tired,I went to soundcheck the same day(i know staff at the auditorium) she constantly asked for kleenex,security was not enforcing the no cameras allowed policy and people were obstructing and even sitting 2 or 3 to a seat

Hips Don't Lie

With her new single, "Hips Don't Lie," Shakira is once again steaming up TV sets and airwaves across the United States.

On the eve of her yearlong world tour, the 29-year-old Colombia-born singer sat down with "20/20's" Chris Connelly to discuss her public passions, her behind-the-scenes struggles, and the part of her body that keeps her music so sensationally exciting.


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Friend Or Foe

I don't wanna start a fight,
But in the background I can hear you chatting shite,
I hear it every night.
And you think that your really cool,
You've been doing it since we were both at school,
Now who looks like a fool.

You're no friend of mine girl
And I've known it for a while girl,
You're just a waste of time girl
Why don't you have another line girl.

Tell me what did you expect?
Have you got no self respect?
Reputation to protect?
Soon you'll be a nervous wreck.

What happened to the good old days?
I was hoping this was just a stupid phase
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Vote For Lily At The Festival Awards!

Lily has been nominated for Best Breakthrough Act and Best Pop Act at the UK Festival Awards, the only entirely publicly voted honours presented to artists and festival organisers.

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Señoras suban aqui esta noche
No nos peleemos, no nos peleemos
Los refugiados estamos aqui
No nos peleemos, no nos peleemos

Shakira, Shakira

Nunca creí que pudiera ella bailar así
Ella hace a un hombre desear hablar español
Como se llama, bonita, mi casa, su casa
Shakira, Shakira

Cariño cuando hablas asi
Vuelves loca a una mujer
Asi que se sabio y comienza
a leer el idioma de mi cuerpo

Estoy encendida esta noche
Sabes que mis caderas no mienten
Y estoy empezando a sentirlo
Toda la atracción, la tensión
No lo ves cariño... esto es perfección.

Hey chica, puedo ver tu cuerpo moviendose
Y me esta volviendo loco
Y no tenía ni la mas mínima idea
Hasta que te vi bailar

Y cuando caminas en la pista de baile
Nadie puede ignorar la manera de mover tu cuerpo
Y nadie se lo espera...izquierda derecha
Como te mueves...

Nunca creí que pudiera ella bailar así
Ella hace a un hombre desear hablar español
Como se llama, bonita, mi casa, su casa
Shakira, Shakira

Cariño cuando hablas asi
Vuelves loca a u…

coca cola

My father was a highly reputable business man (a cocoa merchant) who operated in the capital of Ivory coast during his days.

Justin Timberlake

Biographie de Justin Timberlake

Justin Randall Timberlake est né le 31 janvier 1981 à Memphis, dans le Tennessee. Ses parents divorcent quand il est petit garçon. Il est découvert à l'âge de 12 ans alors qu'il passe une audition pour présenter le Mickey Mouse Club.

Le petit garçon et sa mère déménagent alors pour Orlando. Il reste deux ans dans l'émission pour enfants. Il y fait la connaissance de Christina Aguilera et de celle qui deviendra des années plus tard sa petite amie : Britney Spears. Le groupe *Nsync, qui s'est formé en 1995, était déjà sur les rails quand le Mickey Mouse Club prend fin.

Le premier album éponyme du groupe qui sort en 1998 est un succès notamment grâce au single "I Want You Back". L'opus s'est classé numéro deux des ventes en Angleterre. En 2000, les N'Sync changent de maison de disques pour Jive Record. L'album "No Strings Attached" sort en mars 2000 et s'écoule à plus de deux millions d'exemplaires d…


Nikka was born in kiryat-gat israel

Henree discovered Nikka in the clubs of Tel-Aviv.A mutual friend recommended Henree to listen to her voice.Henree was astound by her beautiful and unique voice,
With an outstanding range of high and low octaves and immediately took her to be his own vocalist and personal project.

"See me now" (Finally) , her first single, became a mega-hit in Israel and has been played in every Possible club and radio station in Israel: #1 of several dance charts in Israeli radio stations for weeks in a row, and the favorite track of every top club's D.J in Israel.

It was only natural that when the people of the daily Israeli drama TELENOVELA LTD. Asked henree to compose the score for the series as well as the theme song, he recommended Nikka will sing it, the people of TELENOVELA LTD. Fall in love with her talent, and the hit AL HAMASACH SHELI (on my screen) was born.

It seems it's only the beginning for these two... as Henree is working right now on …

Fijacion Oral

Meilleur album de cette fin d'annee que j'ai entendu. Cet album m'a touche, surtout qu'on peut imaginer la foi chretienne de la chanteuse a travers ses chansons ... Ce qui est chose rare de nos jours je pense ... En fait, avec cet album, Shakira restera grave dans ma memoire en tant qu'une des meilleures artistes du 21e siecle. C'est clair.

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll

Shakira (Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll de son vrai nom) a toujours su qu’elle se destinait à la chanson. La jeune colombienne a composé sa première chanson alors qu’elle n’était âgée que de huit ans. Dès l’âge de 10 ans, elle commence à participer à des concours de chanson régionaux et nationaux qu’elle gagne régulièrement. Son talent est si évident qu’elle se fait remercier de la chorale de son école alors qu’elle est toute petite car elle enterre les autres choristes de sa voix puissante.

Trilingue, elle exprime son amour en espagnol. Encore toute jeune à 24 ans, elle est déjà une méga-star de la chanson latine. Il faut dire qu’elle a grandi au sein d’une famille artistique, son père étant auteur. Celui-ci a toujours su éveiller sa petite fille aux grands penseurs d’hier et d’aujourd’hui. C’est également grâce à son père si Shakira danse comme elle seule a le secret. Étant d’origine libanaise, son paternel l’a rapidement initiée aux danses arabes qu’elle maîtrise étonnamment bien, ce…


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Lily Bags A DMA For Best Pop Artist!

Big congrats to Lily for sweeping aside the tough competition to be named 'Best Pop Artist' at the Digital Music Awards 2006 held this evening at The Roundhouse in Camden!

Thanks to everyone who showed their support and took the time to vote.
Created by Holler / Privacy Policy / Copyright EMI Records 2006

russian music

CD 1
1. A.Свиридова - Ласточка

2. Н.Подольская и В.Пресняков - Стена
3. Н.Басков - Ветер Вольный
4. Д.Билан - Так устроен этот мир
5. В.Топалов и А.Нова - Новая осень
6. Белый Орел - Никто не виноват
7. А.Буйнов - В облака
8. Аврааам и Морела Руссо - Ты в сердце моем
9. Витас - Тополь
10. К.Лель и М.Шуфутинский - Шарада ночь
11. С.Зверев - Небеса
12. А.Пугачева - Здесь мы долго
13. А.Иванов - Она блефует лучше всех
14. Валерия - От разлуки до любви

15. Д.Маликов - Если...
16. Н.Трубач - Я не жалею ни о чем
17. Б.Моисеев - Еще мы не расстались
18. О.Газманов - Два орла
19. К.Орбакайте и С.Мазаев - Тайна
20. Гости из будущего - На краю небес
21. Ариана - Не ты
CD 2
1. Д.Билан - Невозможное возможно
2. С.Светикова - Ламбада
3. Рома Жуков - Привычка
4. Ю.Савичева - Привет

5. Ю.Шатунов - Летние ночи
6. Стрелки - Жара

7. Акула - Утро без тебя

8. Игра слов - На банане
9. Е.Кухарская - Анапа