halloween is coming

So let’s talk about Halloween!

Dude, Halloween is awesome. You get to dress up and be stupid and act like a dumbass. With a reason though! I never understood those parents who decided Halloween was about worshipping the devil or something. What?! How does that work?? Personally, I think God likes Halloween too because it’s supposed to be fun and people just don’t get it.

Life. Fun. Yes.

Anyway. So where I went to college, Halloween was a big honkin' deal. EVERYONE did the Halloween deal. I was going to go though the years and find pictures from my various crazy college Halloweens, but I’m at work. And even if I was at home I’d probably be too lazy to find all the pics, so I’ll just talk about them instead. So use your imagination.

SO! The first year I was a member of Charlie’s Angels with Sister and roommate. That was fun, and I actually think I posted a picture of that on my blog awhile back because we looked so good. Ha.

The next year we did another theme. But this time we decided to be a little more adventurous. I don’t know who was the brains behind this, it was probably something of a collective idea, but my roommate was a “hoe” I was a “(good) screw” and Sister wore black and carried a whip or something, I don’t really remember. But it was a huge hit. I wore this black tight skirt and skimpy shirt and made letters on the front of it that said “I am a good screw” and on the back it said “are you?” And I had screws taped all over it. And then I had a bag of screws attached to belt and handed out screws all night, with the pickup line of “have I screwed you yet?”

Yeah. Looking back I can’t believe I did that. But it was college. And everyone loved it.

So the next year I digressed a little and was a “kissing booth”. I wore a box around my hips with $3, $2, $1, all crossed out, and then FREE!!! Written in huge letters and “kiss me” written on my forehead. And, like the year before, I had a bag of Hershey kisses on me and “kissed” people all night. Fun, fun, fun.

And that same year at a different party, Sister and I went as the notorious Doublemint Gum. Come on, if you're a twin, you gotta do that one at least once. So we did the whole tin foil and a green sheet deal and whatnot. Except Sister wore clothes under the costume, and I didn’t.

Like, what was I thinking.

So yeah, I don’t have to tell you that by the end of the night a friend told me it looked like I had just gotten it on with someone and ripped the sheet off the bed. Because that’s exactly what it looked like, running around clinging to a sheet around my naked self.

And the last year I was the “love doctor.” So I wore a lab coat and made a little heart headpiece out of construction paper, and carried around different colored jello shots as my “medicine” for various “love ailments.” It was awesome. Except by the end of the night I was eating all my love ailment medicines myself instead of giving them out. Lord knows I needed them anyway, right?

SO. Because I’m out of college and I'm boring now and out of creative juice at the moment I’m going as the "good screw" to Dude's party on Saturday night.

Okay, yeah RIGHT.

I'm going as the “love doctor” again. To the Dude's party that I was best buds with when I was 10 years old. So this should be very interesting. Maybe I’ll actually be sober enough in the beginning to see who he is and talk to him for .5 seconds. Or maybe not.

And my partner in crime, Cassey, is coming with me of course. I just gotta think of a good costume for her, or we may both just be love doctors. We’ll see.


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