Oral Fixation Vol.2

I've always adored Shakira for the boisterousness and vociferousness that she imports into her music. Be it "Whenever Wherever" or "La Tortura",her music combined with appealing lyrics have always sent a thrill of pleasure and liveliness down my feet and her latest sensational single,"Hips Don't Lie",released from the new album "Oral Fixation Vol.2" and featuring Wyclef Jean is no exception. Shakira lets loose her vibrant music and is so charming in her tone and rhythm. Shakira has really come a long way in becoming a real Latin pop diva and the Colombian singer is surely a big thing in the pop music industry. She looks so killing and sensuous in the video of the song too. "Hips Don't Lie" is another jewel for any pop music lover's treasure closet.


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