Hilarious; but it could have been even better.

As a huge fan of the Ali G show and Borat in particular I had the HIGHEST of expectations for this film. I laughed out loud several times as the antics of Borat continued to get crazier and crazier throughout this film. But it just seemed a little rushed at times and over edited; as if they left some of the better moments on the cutting room floor. I'm hopeful that the DVD release will have LOADS of deleted scenes. Many of the set-ups in this film were shorter in duration than the ones seen on the Ali G show for some unknown reason. I kept wanting to see more people fooled by Borats antics then the interaction between Borat and Azamat (those scenes were too long and too contrived)
Again; Borat is WELL worth the ticket price, you CAN'T help but laugh (a LOT), but it fell JUST short of its potential to be Brilliant.


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