Peter Crouch

In the summer of 2006, Crouch briefly became particularly celebrated in the English media for his unusual robotic dancing goal celebration. A parody of a dance he had been seen performing on a television programme covering a party held at England team-mate David Beckham's house, he first performed it after his goal for England against Hungary on May 30. Two days after the match, Crouch repeated the dance at the request of Prince William during an England training session attended by the Prince.[10] He again performed the dance, at the prompting of his team-mates, after both of his first two goals against Jamaica on June 3. The dance was briefly a celebrated pop culture event, garnering much media coverage.

On Monday 12 June, Crouch announced he would only perform his robotic dance again if England were to win the World Cup, saying "It's not about robotic dancing. It is about scoring goals and winning matches. It's an important time for everyone now".[13] In September 2006, he was quoted in The Observer newspaper as saying that: "It was funny at the time, but I didn't want to carry on doing it until it became unfunny. I've stopped doing it for the time being, but if I ever score a really big goal you never know."


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