Raqs Sharki

Raqs Sharki, Oriental Dance, Middle Eastern Dance or the ever-popular misnomer “Bellydancing”…however you choose to call it, it’s all the same art form. And it is not only what I do for a living, but rather, it’s a way of life. Whether I’m entertaining guests at a local wedding, performing on stage while touring Europe, choreographing for celebrities, teaching a seminar across the globe or directing my dance company based in Miami Beach, bellydancing is what I do 24/7. It defines me and it’s the dance form that I best identify with. I love the intricacy of Middle Eastern music and the sensuality of the movement. Bellydancing personifies strength and power in its most feminine form. Expanding people’s knowledge of this dance beyond biases and inhibitions is my lifelong mission. Dancing is my religion. Movement is my practice. When everything is in sync; music and movement are my direct links to the divine.


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