Why does everyone like shakira?

Many people have different answers to why they like Shakira.

First of all, let me start by saying that Hips Don't Lie has only been number one on Billboard for two weeks, not six.

Also, Alejandro Sanz was featured in La Tortura, however, Wyclef Jean was featured in Hips Don't Lie.

Okay, now let me get to the point.

The reason why people like Shakira is because she is not your typical Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera. Her songs are from every range in pop, and she tries anything that comes to her mind. Hips Don't Lie for example, was made after the release of Oral Fixation because she met Wyclef and they made a song. Randomely. Her song is just danceable, and well, she knows how to dance--plus, she trained herself.

Additionally, she has a foundation that helps over three million Colombians in her country. For example, she bought Reebok shoes to all the kids in Colombia due to the name of her foundation Pies Descalzos--or Barefeet in English. She is a true humanitarian and that has helped increase your fame.


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