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NETeller cancels its debit card option worldwide

NETeller cancels its debit card option worldwide

NETeller members worldwide will no longer be able to load their NETeller cards effective April 26 and use them to withdraw funds from ATMs as of May 2 2007.
'Due to the changes with NETeller card, the ability to transfer funds from a member account to the NETeller card has been restricted as of April 26, 2007 at 12 am (GMT) Members will no longer be able to load funds onto their card.' NETeller customer service said in a note distributed Thursday.
'The ability to withdraw funds already on NETeller card at ATM machines and point-of-sales (POS) terminals will not be affected until May 2nd 2007. As of May 2nd, your NETeller debit card will no longer work.' The note ends.
NETeller explained that 'The third-party provider for the NETeller Card has very recently advised that under the rules relating to the Cirrus/Maestro Network, it can no longer support those branded cards.'
NETeller non U.S. members can still withdraw …


SANJAYA IS GONE! OH HAPPY DAY! Oops, sorry about that italicized, capslocked outburst there. But suffice it to say that we aren't exactly sad to see poster child Sanjaya Malakar and his many unflattering hairstyles leave American Idol for good. Yes, after weeks of horrified speculation that the lushly coiffed but vocally challenged youngster might actually win the Idol title this season, thus driving Simon Cowell right off the shark-jumping show (and after Howard Stern, curse him, did everything in his power to help prolong Sanjaya's reign of tone-deaf terror), Sanj was finally voted off this week. So he's dunzo, but not before being forced to watch, through big girlish tears, what was perhaps the most awkward exit-montage in Idol history. (The show's too-kind editors must've had one tough time cobbling together scraps of Sanjaya footage that didn't actually depict him being torn to shreds by the judges). To be honest, after what he's be…

Beyonce ft. Shakira - Beautiful Liar

The song is a good idea - the story of it, I mean. And the video is really hot.. but it looks like Beyonce just wanted to soak in some of Shakira's thunder. I don't know how into it I am.