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I need a multizone hack for LG RC288 please.

This is the hack:
1. Press "HOME"
2. Make sure you are on setup and press "ENTER"
3. Go to the lock symbol and stand on it
4. Press "0" seven times.
5. It should say "Congratulation region code free"


Caution: Softball and sunny weather do not mix

Yes, the verdict is in! Softball and sunny weather mix like oil and water. The sun called dibbs on oil, so I guess that softball is the water! You really don’t believe me? Let me explain.

In the year 1933 a man with the name of Ronald Sucretz (maybe you have read about him) was playing softball in 67 degree weather. The rules of the historical slow pitch softball game is similar to ours, the ball needs to be above the batters head. Ronald was 6’7” and the pitchers were always small, like a jockey. The pitchers would always pitch the ball high enough to get the ball over Ronald’s head. One day, #42 Hose Hernandez, the first Cuban slow pitch softball pitcher pitched a ball into the clouds. When Ronald hit the ball his vision went with his swing. Case #1: the sun if an unfair advantage for easy strikeouts and temporary blindage, which equals horrible songs (Blinded by the light: original lyrics were later found in Ronald’s locker).

The year, 1775, the town, Boston, the sport, baseball (bas…

Beyonce ft. Shakira - Beautiful Liar


Sagi-Rei is now popular due to his new albom Acoustic Dance CD that has classic dance hits in a super acoustic performance.

1. Your Loving Arms
2. All Around The World
3. Freed From Desire
4. Right In The Night
5. Rhythm Is A Dancer
6. L'Amour Toujours
7. Show Me Love
8. Crazy Man
9. Free
10. Gypsy Rhythm
11. What Is Love
12. Wrap Me Up