Caution: Softball and sunny weather do not mix

Yes, the verdict is in! Softball and sunny weather mix like oil and water. The sun called dibbs on oil, so I guess that softball is the water! You really don’t believe me? Let me explain.

In the year 1933 a man with the name of Ronald Sucretz (maybe you have read about him) was playing softball in 67 degree weather. The rules of the historical slow pitch softball game is similar to ours, the ball needs to be above the batters head. Ronald was 6’7” and the pitchers were always small, like a jockey. The pitchers would always pitch the ball high enough to get the ball over Ronald’s head. One day, #42 Hose Hernandez, the first Cuban slow pitch softball pitcher pitched a ball into the clouds. When Ronald hit the ball his vision went with his swing. Case #1: the sun if an unfair advantage for easy strikeouts and temporary blindage, which equals horrible songs (Blinded by the light: original lyrics were later found in Ronald’s locker).

The year, 1775, the town, Boston, the sport, baseball (baseball was not yet invented; they played slow pitch softball but called it baseball, so baseball is not really baseball, but yeah, it kind of is baseball). The 1775 championship of the colonies, it was the Mayflower vs. Thanksgiving. The weather was horrible throughout the entire game, rain and clouds for miles; you could not see your nose because of the dense fog. The inning, 4th (that is all they played). It was the bottom of the forth and the team up to bat was down by 1 with 2 outs and bases loaded. The 3rd base coach signed for the batter to hit a pop fly. Any other pop fly hit throughout the game was dropped because the fielders could not keep their eye on the ball. The batter hit the ball and as soon as contact was made the skies split like Moses’ sea, the sun came out and the blue skies were revealed. The outfielder caught the ball and the Mayflower’s won the game. Case #2: clear skies make it for the fielder to do what the fielder is supposed to do.

So there you have it, the first two websites when I goggled “sunny softball”. If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself. I’m not doing this to scare you; I am doing this for your protection.


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