Cruise to Israel

Are you looking for a unique vacation? Perhaps you want to get away from everything, without leaving the comforts of home? It may be time to arrange a cruise to Israel.

Situated at the southeastern corner of the Mediterranean Sea, at the crossroads of ancient and modern civilizations, Israel is in a unique position to attract cruise lines.

Israel has two ports capable of harboring the largest cruise ships: Haifa in the north of the country, and Ashdod in the south. Each has different attractions for travelers taking a cruise to Israel.

Haifa is a busy, cosmopolitan city, and the third largest in Israel. It is a center of manufacturing, but for the tourist, the main attraction is location. Haifa is just a few minutes away from Acco, with it’s historic walled Old City, and not much farther from the archeological sites, historical attractions, and nature reserves of the Galilee.

Ashdod is an ancient city, with a modern layer. Once, it was one of the five Philistine cities; now it is rapidly expanding, and recently overtook Haifa as Israel’s main cargo seaport. With its large populations of Russian and Ethiopian olim, or immigrants, Ashdod has a truly multinational, multicultural feel.

From either city, cruise travelers can book trips to the interior of Israel, to see the ancient religious sites of Jerusalem or stand at the shore of the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on Earth. A cruise to Israel is an unforgettable experience.


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