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iPhone: The Unlock Heard 'Round the World

No one ever doubted that the iPhone would be unlocked. It was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to crack the armor that heretofore has kept iPhone users from popping in a SIM card other than the iPhone-specific one that AT&T Wireless supplies with every new iPhone.

It seems that the team of someones at are the first to successfully pull off this feat. The group says it has unlocked the phone, and will be releasing its software for sale starting next week.

Unlocking the iPhone dramatically widens the phone's appeal. For one, it means that you won't be tied to AT&T Wireless' services and network; you can use whatever local GSM network operates best for your needs--and potentially save money while doing so. Once it's been unlocked, you can take the phone with you anywhere, and pop in the SIM card of choice. For me, that would mean sticking with T-Mobile, where I already have a family plan and a service I don't want to chang…


The Sony KDL-40V2500 40" BRAVIA V-Series LCD TV has a fashionable display that brings advanced video technology to your fingertips. Use it as a TV or a computer display that also enhances your rooms decor with its sleek design. Bring a KDL-40V2500 home; it's an HDTV Ready TV that delivers 1080p high-definition picture and impressive stereo sound. It comes with WEGA GATE, an operation guide with on-screen menu for an easy-to-manage viewing experience.In addition to 3D comb filter and image panel driver, the KDL-40V2500 has three distinct imaging circuits including one-chip video processor to enhance video quality, reduce video noise and image blur. More over, you also get motion adaptive I/P converter, CineMotion 3:2 reverse pull-down and Closed caption to enhance your video enjoyment. The SRS TruSurround audio system provides the effect of surround sound with built-in oval-cone speakers.

PowerShot SD430 Digital Elph Wireless

The PowerShot SD430 Digital Elph Wireless is the latest in Canon's popular range of Digital Elph point-and-shoot cameras. Like many other camera companies, Canon has been adding wireless functionality to its cameras, and the SD430 comes with a built-in 802.11b adapter for wireless printing with selected printers or for transmitting images to a PC. The feature works pretty well, but it ends up being a pricey convenience for a 5-megapixel camera with low battery life.

Using the wireless connection, you can transfer images to a PC with a few button presses. It's a pretty speedy process: In my informal tests, transferring ten images of the highest size and image quality took about 25 seconds. And you don't have to do anything on the PC, because you handle it all through the camera interface, including choosing the images to send. (You can select individual images, just new images, all images, or wallpaper, which transfers an image and sets it as the Windows wallpaper.) Transfer…

Apple iPod Nano 8GB - Black MP3 Player

Your music says a lot about you. So should your iPod nano. A super-slim design says you always have room for music - up to 2,000 songs, in fact. Durable anodized aluminum says you won't let the rough and tumble of everyday life ruin your groove. And one of five colors says whatever you want. Choose your hue and make a statement.

With enough room for your favorite music and video, this iPod has both sound and vision. Of course, it also boasts stamina (up to 20 hours of battery life), generous capacity (30GB or 80GB of storage), a great personality (intuitive, customizable menus), and a touch of genius (the Click Wheel). In other words, iPod makes an ideal companion.

Full Specifications: Apple iPod Video 30GB - Black MP3 Player
Key Features Product Line iPod
Storage Capacity 30 GB
Key Functions Video Player, Calendar, Games, Photo Viewer
Screen Size 2.5 in.
Storage Type Hard Drive
Supported Media Format Apple Lossless, WAV, AAC, AIFF, Audible, MP3, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PSD (Mac only),…

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