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How hot is your US Bank Account

Credit, Loans, business, investing, security,now you can check...
How Hot is your US Bank account?

A US Bank account can be used for a lot of reasons. Next you can
check some ideas to make yours the hotter asset on your pocket.

US Bank for loans and credit...
Having a bank account as a reference for a credit is always a good
idea. But having an account in a US bank is great. I f you are
thinking of buying a house? Do you want to buy a new car to replace
that old wreck? Trying to get insurance on you home, auto, or life?
In each of these situations, what’s on your credit report will
determine if you can get a loan or insurance and what rates you’ll
have to pay.

Having a US Bank account is always seen as a good quality for
any financial institution. With a few months of keeping a good
record on your bank, simply ask for a reference and it will make it
a lot easier to get a business credit or personal loan. Hot

US Bank for business and eCommerce... Very Hot!
Having a US bank account is a must …

US Bank account opening kits

If you look around on the net, you will find TONS of sites offering "US Bank account opening kits", usually in the form of ebooks which are 90% of the time out of date.

The reason is because most of them are simply send you to eTrade Financial in order to open a brokerage account. This used to be a good choice a few months ago however E*Trade did not open accounts for non US residents anymore.

E*Trade are a brokerage company and they want clients who are serious about buying and selling stocks and options. They are happy to help clients who use these features because this is where E*Trade makes their money but they most definitely do not want to see people opening trading accounts and never using them to conduct any trades.

E*Trade also are no longer letting people fund their account with cheques that come from businesses (such as Clickbank) and the websites that claim that this is possible have not been updated.

Another disadvantage with E*Trade is that to apply for a Vi…