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Queen is an English rock band formed by guitarist Brian May and lead vocalist Freddie Mercury in 1970. Drummer Roger Taylor and bassist joined John Deacon joined the band in the following year. Queen rose to fame during 70’s and still remains one of Britain’s most successful bands of the past three decades. The band is famed for their ingenious musical diversity, multi-layered arrangements and vocal harmonies. Their Live Aid performance was voted the best live performance of all the time in a BBC poll. The band had a dormant phase in the early success 1970s but it was the release of Sheer Heart Attack and Night of the Opera that the band shot into fame.

A Night at the Opera would go on to debut at #5 in the US, but #1 in Britain. The album is widely regarded as one rock opera that actually sounded like an opera, even with May’s heavy riffs. All of the band’s studio albums reached the top spot at various charts around the world. They are estimated to have sold more than 305 million alb…


Monrose is a well known female pop R&B trio from Germany and it is made up from Bahar Kizil, Senna Guemmour and Mandy Capristo. This trio band was formed in the year 2006 during the fifth installment of the German Version at the international television talent show called Popstars, and they had released their first debut album called Temptation in December 2006. Early during the month of December the trio had released their first debut single ‘Shame’ and this song got them instant popularity as it ranked highest in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. The song was also recorded to be the fastest selling single CD apart from being the biggest downloaded song sings the digital download chart was introduced in 2004.

In the month of January 2007 the trio band had been qualified for the national pre selection in Germany for the Eurovision song contest that was broadcasted and organized by ARD. After several weeks of promotional appearance the Monrose trio performed at the compe…


Craigslist is one of the centralized online networks which feature free classified ads and forums on several topics. The Craigslist service was launched by Craig Newmark in the year 1995 for San Francisco Bay Area. This site serves over 9 million page analysis every month which places it to the overall 56th place among all the sites globally. Craigslist is referred as one of the leading classifieds services in any standard. Craigslist even receives around 2 million job listings every month which makes it one of the top most boards in the world. Craigslist classified ads vary from community announcements and traditional ads to erotic services and personal ads.

Craigslist has stated that they do not disclose any ownership or financial information’s. Commentators and analysts have reported the changing figures for its annual revenue which ranges from 10 million dollars in the year 2004, 20 million dollars in 2005, 25 million dollars in 2006 and around 150 million dollars in the year 2007…


This is a Swedish band group comprising of two friends named Bjorn Ulvaeua and Benny Anderson along with their girlfriends Agnetha Faltskog and Anni Frid Lyngstad. Their music topped the charts worldwide in the mid 70s to early 80s. The name of the band comes from the first letters of the names of the band members. In its time, the band gained immense international popularity. The band was popular for various catchy songs that were an instant hit as soon as they were released. The band was also popular for the simple lyrics and the wall of sound which was achieved after dubbing the sound of the ladies in the multiple harmonies. With the increasing popularity and fame, the band went out for various tours to Australia, North America and even Australia. While on a tour to North America, the band was heavily criticized for its unattractive live performances. Just when the popularity was at its peak, the marriages of the band members failed and the band had to face a tough time. The soulf…

Britney Spears

This 26- years old American pop star was famous as the teen star when she started her career as a singer. Britney debuted with her album “Baby One More time” in 1999. The album topped in the music charts all over the world. She became the international star with this album. She continued to grab success with her second album, “Oops! I did it Again”, which was released in year 2000. Britney’s third album called, “Britney” came in public in 2001. Britney was awarded with Grammy Award for the first time for her single “Toxic”, from her fourth album “In the Zone”. This album was released in 2003.

After the release of her fourth album, Britney took a 4 year long career break. Finally in 2007 she released her first album after the break named, “Blackout”. With only five albums in her pocket, Britney became the eighth female artist in best-selling American Music. Over 31 million albums of Britney have been sold in US. Apart from her singing career, Britney also starred in little number of fi…

In YouTube

YouTube is a well known video sharing website where there are users who share, view and upload video clips. This educative and fun site was launched during the mid February in 2005 by 3 PayPal employees. The YouTube headquarters at San Bruno uses the Adobe Flash player technology to display a wide range of video content which include TV clips, movie clips, music videos also broadcasts amateur content like short original videos and videoblogging. Google Inc., in the month of October 2006 announced that the YouTube Company had reached the point to acquire a position fro US $1.65 billion with the Google Stock.

The unregistered users can also get entertained with most of the videos on the site, but the registered users have the permission to upload infinite number of videos. There are also a few videos that are viewable to only users of 18 years old and above like videos that contain offensive content. The YouTube Company has strictly prohibited the upload of pornography and videos that in…

Tatu girl Yulia is pregnant

Tatu girl Yulia is pregnant.Recently it became known that singer of scandalous pseudo-lesbian duo Tatu is pregnant. The father of the future child is Pasha Sidorov, whom Yulia met more than two years ago. The singer tries to hide the pregnancy, but her belly has become too obvious.

The addition to the Tatugirl's family is expected at the end of the summer, the newspaper "Zhizn" writes. It is not known yet if Yulia will give birth to a boy or a girl. "To be honestly, I don't care if it's a boy or a girl. I will be happy either way. I intentionally haven't done the ultra sound, I don't want to know the sex of the child", the mum-to-be said.

According to friends, Yulia has become more restrained, she has stopped smoking and is even attending classed for young mothers. Yulia's parents are very glad that they will have a grandchild very soon.

Yulia and Pasha are not in a hurry to legalize their relationship. "I can tell you for sure: I won'…

UK Singles Chart

01. Basshunter - Now You're Gone

02. Britney Spears - Piece Of Me

03. Soulja Boy Tell'em - Crank That (Soulja Boy)

04. Nickelback - Rockstar

05. Leon Jackson - When You Believe

06. Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music

07. Lupe Fiasco Ft. Matthew Santos - Superstar

08. Timbaland Ft. Onerepublic - Apologize

09. Take That - Rule The World

10. Scouting For Girls - Elvis Ain't Dead

11. Girls Aloud - Call The Shots

12. Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

13. Mark Ronson Ft. Amy Winehouse - Valerie

14. Various - Homecoming

15. T2 Ft. Jodie Aysha - Heartbroken

16. Alicia Keys - No One

17. Cascada - What Hurts The Most

18. Mika - Relax, Take It Easy

19. Booty Luv - Some Kinda Rush

20. Hoosiers - Goodbye Mr A

21. Sugababes - About You Now

22. Sugababes - Change

23. Robyn - Be Mine

24. Scouting For Girls - She's So Lovely

25. Oystar - I Fought The Lloyds

26. Kate Nash - Pumpkin Soup

27. …

Live ISPK2806BLK iPod Speakers with Remote control and dock for iPod(Black color)

ILive have manufactured a lot of magnificent iPod speakers. These speakers are really cool and sound great too. One can hear their favorite artists like Abba, Ricky martin, shakira songs in these excellent speakers. It comes along with a remote control and one can get to control the speaker from his couch. The speakers provide around 25 watts of sound. They are compact and nice not taking a lot of space in the desk.

The speaker is attached with an iPod and comes with a separate remote control. The color of the speaker is black and the price of the product is around 44.05 dollars. A person can buy this item through online website that provides then with the iPod speaker and remote control image, price and features too. The actual market price of the same was 62.36 dollars but the discount price through online booking is only 44.05 dollars. Thus, a person gets to save around 18.31 dollars. One can get this speaker for their iPod by shipping service which is free of cost with the provisio…

Sheryfa Luna (gagnante Popstars 2007)

Quelque Part

Ecris-moi une autre histoire
Emmène-moi quelque part

Je garde les yeux ouverts
Je n'arrive plus à comprendre ni à aimer mon univers
Je me méfie de tous ceux qui m'entourent, m'empoisonnent mon air
Je dois prendre des distances, faire le tri car je me perds
Je respire encore car j'espère

Eh eh, il faut que tu m'aides
T'es le seul qui sais comment m'vider la tête
Eh eh, il faut qu' j'm'en aille car tout me rend mal
Je dois dire bye bye
Eh eh, il faut que tu m'aides
T'es le seul qui sais comment m'vider la tête, baby
Tu sais comment faire, tu sais comment faire

Ecris-moi une autre histoire
T'es le seul à me comprendre
Emmène-moi quelque part
Je me laisserai surprendre
Invente-moi un monde à part
Apprends-moi une nouvelle danse
Emmène-moi quelque part
Boy, je te fais confiance

La passé n'est plus qu'un temps
Que je conjuguerai sans sentiment pour ignorer les gens
Qui m'ont déçue et blessée trop souvent
Le pardon a ses limite…

Sheryfa Luna - 1 album

1. aime moi
2. fais un pas
3. quelque part
4. il avait des mots
5. tant que je chante
6. non
7. d'ici et d'ailleurs
8. des choses qui ne se disent pas
9. je ne céderai pas
10. on ressent
11. au revoir
12. interlude
13. larmes
14. garder cette vie

En écoutant cet album je m'attendais à ce qu'il y ai qu'une ou deux chansons qui me plaise. Et j'ai été agréablement surprise; que ce soit par sa voix ou la musique.
Surtout"il avait les mots"et "quelque part"; je les écoute en boucle.
Je le recommande...

Sheryfa Luna - Il Avait Les Mots - Lyrics in French

Il était vraiment plus âgé que moi
Je suis tout bêtement tombée dans ses bras
Par lui, j'ai découvert ce que je ne connaissais pas
Il semblait sincère, je l'aimais pour ça
Ce qui m'a toujours dérangé, est que rarement, le soir je pouvais le capter
Mais dès qu'il me parlait, je la fermais

Il avait les mots, m'a rendue accro
Je voyais déjà l'avenir dans ses bras
Il avait les mots, m'a rendue accro
Je ne savais pas que je ne le connaissais pas, il avait les mots.

Je n'avais plus de vie, je ne pensais qu'à lui
Même si j'ai cramé que souvent il mentait
Il se perdait danse ce qu'il me racontait
Se trompait de nom quand il disait qu'il m'aimait
Et je supportais, je pardonnais
Dans sa caisse, j'ai trouvé des jouets
J'ai griller que son ex continuait à l'appeler
Mais qu'est-ce qu'il cachait ? Je le découvrais

Il avait les mots, m'a rendue accro
Je voyais déjà l'avenir dans ses bras
Il avait les mots, m'a rendue accro
Je ne savais p…