Britney Spears

This 26- years old American pop star was famous as the teen star when she started her career as a singer. Britney debuted with her album “Baby One More time” in 1999. The album topped in the music charts all over the world. She became the international star with this album. She continued to grab success with her second album, “Oops! I did it Again”, which was released in year 2000. Britney’s third album called, “Britney” came in public in 2001. Britney was awarded with Grammy Award for the first time for her single “Toxic”, from her fourth album “In the Zone”. This album was released in 2003.

After the release of her fourth album, Britney took a 4 year long career break. Finally in 2007 she released her first album after the break named, “Blackout”. With only five albums in her pocket, Britney became the eighth female artist in best-selling American Music. Over 31 million albums of Britney have been sold in US. Apart from her singing career, Britney also starred in little number of films. She acted in the 2002 released movie, “Crossroads”. She appeared as the guest star in various TV shows and films.

Britney’s personnel life always caught media attention due to her popularity. Her marriage with Kevin Federline in the year 2004 was the most famous incident in Britney’s life. Later the birth of their children, Sean Preston in 2005 and Jayden James in 2006, followed by the couple’s divorce also grabbed media attention. Currently the news of custody of their kids is making rounds in the media.


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