Craigslist is one of the centralized online networks which feature free classified ads and forums on several topics. The Craigslist service was launched by Craig Newmark in the year 1995 for San Francisco Bay Area. This site serves over 9 million page analysis every month which places it to the overall 56th place among all the sites globally. Craigslist is referred as one of the leading classifieds services in any standard. Craigslist even receives around 2 million job listings every month which makes it one of the top most boards in the world. Craigslist classified ads vary from community announcements and traditional ads to erotic services and personal ads.

Craigslist has stated that they do not disclose any ownership or financial information’s. Commentators and analysts have reported the changing figures for its annual revenue which ranges from 10 million dollars in the year 2004, 20 million dollars in 2005, 25 million dollars in 2006 and around 150 million dollars in the year 2007. It is been assumed to be owned mainly by eBay, Buckmaster and Newmark. Newmark owns the largest venture where as eBay is believed to own around 25 percent.

The nonprofit organization started in the year 2001, accepts some charitable assistance as it helps budding nonprofit organizations to get well established, attract public attention, develop knowledge and skills for long term success and gaining visibility. This organizations produce in person events and also provides online resources to assist grassroots organizations to get of and contribute for the real cause.


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