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YouTube is a well known video sharing website where there are users who share, view and upload video clips. This educative and fun site was launched during the mid February in 2005 by 3 PayPal employees. The YouTube headquarters at San Bruno uses the Adobe Flash player technology to display a wide range of video content which include TV clips, movie clips, music videos also broadcasts amateur content like short original videos and videoblogging. Google Inc., in the month of October 2006 announced that the YouTube Company had reached the point to acquire a position fro US $1.65 billion with the Google Stock.

The unregistered users can also get entertained with most of the videos on the site, but the registered users have the permission to upload infinite number of videos. There are also a few videos that are viewable to only users of 18 years old and above like videos that contain offensive content. The YouTube Company has strictly prohibited the upload of pornography and videos that include nudity. During the second year of the YouTube Company, there were new functions added to improve the user abilities. The Wall Street Journal had published an article in August 2006 which stated that YouTube is hosting above 601 million videos and features nearly 500,000 user accounts.


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