Live ISPK2806BLK iPod Speakers with Remote control and dock for iPod(Black color)

ILive have manufactured a lot of magnificent iPod speakers. These speakers are really cool and sound great too. One can hear their favorite artists like Abba, Ricky martin, shakira songs in these excellent speakers. It comes along with a remote control and one can get to control the speaker from his couch. The speakers provide around 25 watts of sound. They are compact and nice not taking a lot of space in the desk.

The speaker is attached with an iPod and comes with a separate remote control. The color of the speaker is black and the price of the product is around 44.05 dollars. A person can buy this item through online website that provides then with the iPod speaker and remote control image, price and features too. The actual market price of the same was 62.36 dollars but the discount price through online booking is only 44.05 dollars. Thus, a person gets to save around 18.31 dollars. One can get this speaker for their iPod by shipping service which is free of cost with the provision of super save shipping service. For more details, one can click on the link of details and get to know about the iPod speaker shipping information.

The iPod speakers are available in stock and are generally gift wrapped. One can get to know more on the iPod speakers through a lot of websites. Such online websites provide the product within 14 hours and 30 minutes of such order. Such iLive iPod speakers are a great way to listen to favorite songs. It would be luck to have such speaker attached to an iPod. Such amazing iPod speakers are manufactured by iLive and the iPod can be heard throughout one’s room.

The compact speaker system has a built-in iPod for dockable iPods. One can see a magnificent and excellent design in such speakers with great and clear sound processing system and with a low price. This sleek designed speaker and dock is presented to people with online concept too. One can directly order for the same and get access to the item. He can also get to compare this item with other items of different brand. This sort of speaker with dock is available to people with 25 watt iPod and a docking station that works excellently with his iPod and Nano, iPod and Mini or iPod and Shuffle.

This digital enlarged stereo type speaker allows a person to enjoy the tunes from his iPod and there is also a slim full functioned remote control through which he can easily control the speaker voice quality. He gets to control the voice parameter, bass sound effects and such musical related controls too. He can even get to compare the GPX2806 system with other system like with the ISPK 2806 speakers. This iLive ISPK2806BLK iPod Speakers with Remote control and dock for iPod has a built-in dock and can play iPod 2-channel speakers with digital amplifier.


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