Queen is an English rock band formed by guitarist Brian May and lead vocalist Freddie Mercury in 1970. Drummer Roger Taylor and bassist joined John Deacon joined the band in the following year. Queen rose to fame during 70’s and still remains one of Britain’s most successful bands of the past three decades. The band is famed for their ingenious musical diversity, multi-layered arrangements and vocal harmonies. Their Live Aid performance was voted the best live performance of all the time in a BBC poll. The band had a dormant phase in the early success 1970s but it was the release of Sheer Heart Attack and Night of the Opera that the band shot into fame.

A Night at the Opera would go on to debut at #5 in the US, but #1 in Britain. The album is widely regarded as one rock opera that actually sounded like an opera, even with May’s heavy riffs. All of the band’s studio albums reached the top spot at various charts around the world. They are estimated to have sold more than 305 million albums worldwide. Queen derived their inspiration from different genres of music including heavy metal, glam rock, progressive rock and even psychedelic rock.


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