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Amy Winehouse

Amy Jade Winehouse and Gammy Awards

Amy Jade Winehouse, the 5 times Grammy Award winner, jazz, and soul singer also a songwriter has made her unique place in the music world.

It all started by toying the guitar of her brother. Winehouse first got her guitar, when she was only thirteen. Since then she commenced writing songs and was dropped from school too and thus, started experimenting with drugs. She progressed and without fail was nominated at Grammy Awards every time.

On 10 February, 2008, Amy Jade Winehouse won five out of six nominations at Grammy Awards. She was nominated for the Song of The Year, Record of the Year, Best Female Pop Vocal, Best Pop Vocal Album, and New Artist. The only missing one was the Best Album of the Year which was won by Herbie Hancock. At this ceremony she gave a brilliant performance on “You Know I’m No Good” and “Rehab” via the satellite. Because of this fact, she was also denied visa at the United States and wasn’t very sure whether she would be able …

Sheryfa Luna

New song of Sheryfa Luna Il avait les mots is now topping french charts.

The clip "He had the words" was filmed in Montreal, Canada.

Sheryfa Luna, whose real surname Chérifa, born on January 25, 1989 of an Algerian father and a French mother, is a French R'n'B singer born in the district of Nétreville in Evreux. Sheryfa participated and won the fourth season of the TV show Popstars reality. As a result of her victory, Luna recorded an album.

Official Blog of Sheryfa Luna


Yahoo! is a well known website that provides a wide range of options. One can use Yahoo! for news, posting, Yahoo! mail, Yahoo! directory, search engine and a web portal. It is one of the most visited websites on internet. It is visited by over 130 million people and Unique Users. Millions of people have their e- mail ID on Yahoo!.

The website was founded in January 1994, by graduate students from Stanford University, David Filo and Jerry Yang. The website was incorporated in March 1995. The company’s headquarter is situated in Sunnyvale in California.

Yahoo! is a web portal like many other web directories and search engines. The other web portals which were rapidly growing with Yahoo! were Excite, Lycos and MSN. In March 1997, Yahoo! acquired “Four11”, a company dealing with online communication. The web- mail service provided by this company was named as Rocketmail and later as Yahoo mail. Yahoo! introduced Yahoo! Games, when it acquired Another company called “eGr…

Wii Cheats

Wii is a Nintendo game developer released video game console. The game console comprises of various popular video games. These are inclusive of Mario, Super Mario, Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt and My Sims. All these video games are loved by children worldwide. Apart from these video games, the Nintendo has also developed video games based on famous movies. Some of such games are National Geographic: Arctic Tale, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and The Golden Compass.

In the Wii Cheats players can get the cheat codes for various Wii video games. Various websites along with the official website, provides these cheat codes. The cheat codes are the codes with which players can beat the computer in the games. Some of the cheat coeds help the player to get extra or sometimes infinite life. This way the player can play without losing the life. Some of the cheat codes unlock the higher difficulty levels directly. This way player can get onto the higher levels without playing previous lower dif…


In the late 90s Timberland climbed up the top of the rap industry as he impressively balanced his in-demand hits making ability with his peculiar production style. Timberland includes some of the best produces with the R&B and hip-hop artists that include Ginuwine, Missy Elliott and Aaliyah. From the early 80s Timberland ha worked with the rapper Magoo his childhood friend. The concerted efforts of Timberland to breat into the musical industry bore its first seeds into the ‘Diary of A Mad Band’ of Jodeci and offered his first show. His real breakthrough actually came in late 1996 when he worked with ‘One in a Million’ of Aaliyah that brought several hits.

Timberland brought out his talent through the stand out tracks like ‘4 Page Letter’, ‘One in a Million’ and ‘If Your Girl only Knew’ in a row. He then started writing and producing hits for SWV and Ginuwine, before he had joined the Elliott who was his long term musical partner. The major contribution from Magoo and Timberland to …

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones are one of the English Rock & Roll bands which became well known during the early 60’s. This particular band was formed by Brian Jones in the year 1962 and later it was ultimately led by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts and Ian Stewart joined the band to form the Rolling Stones lineup. The initial albums of this band were generally covers of American R&B songs and Blues.

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction was the first single hit from the band which literally established them as leading Rock & Roll band. This band has released around 55 albums and 32 of their albums topped the US & UK Top-10 list. They have also sold almost 200 million albums globally.

Initiated as the American Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in the year 1989, this band was also ranked as number 4 in the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time during the year 2004. Their album “A Bigger Bang” which was released in 2005 was the biggest hit of the year which lasted …


Rammstein is a German Industrial metal band that is widely accepted as part of the Neue Deutsche-Harte scene along with bands such as Oomph! And Die Krupps. The band writes majority of the songs in German, in spite of this the band enjoyed massive success across the world, spanning almost every nation. The band has confirmed that they are back from their vacation and has started writing for their sixth album, which will be released sometime in 2008. It can be safely proclaimed that there exists no other band that sounds even remotely like Rammstein.

The East German sextet blends in unique elements of metal, industrial, techno and classical music. Their first release back in 1995, Herzeileid went platinum in several European territories. The successor, “Sehnsucht” was released in 1997 and was the band’s debut in the US. The album was not only a continuation of the musical concept but also added several refinements that made it even better than the first one. Rammstein is: Flake Lorenz…