Rammstein is a German Industrial metal band that is widely accepted as part of the Neue Deutsche-Harte scene along with bands such as Oomph! And Die Krupps. The band writes majority of the songs in German, in spite of this the band enjoyed massive success across the world, spanning almost every nation. The band has confirmed that they are back from their vacation and has started writing for their sixth album, which will be released sometime in 2008. It can be safely proclaimed that there exists no other band that sounds even remotely like Rammstein.

The East German sextet blends in unique elements of metal, industrial, techno and classical music. Their first release back in 1995, Herzeileid went platinum in several European territories. The successor, “Sehnsucht” was released in 1997 and was the band’s debut in the US. The album was not only a continuation of the musical concept but also added several refinements that made it even better than the first one. Rammstein is: Flake Lorenz on Keyboards, Oliver Riedel on the Bass, Christopher Schneider on the drums, Paul Landers on the guitar, Richard Z. Krupse-Bernstein on the guitar and Till Lindemann lending the vocals .An amazing feat is that the band had no line up changes since the band was established in 1993.


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