In the late 90s Timberland climbed up the top of the rap industry as he impressively balanced his in-demand hits making ability with his peculiar production style. Timberland includes some of the best produces with the R&B and hip-hop artists that include Ginuwine, Missy Elliott and Aaliyah. From the early 80s Timberland ha worked with the rapper Magoo his childhood friend. The concerted efforts of Timberland to breat into the musical industry bore its first seeds into the ‘Diary of A Mad Band’ of Jodeci and offered his first show. His real breakthrough actually came in late 1996 when he worked with ‘One in a Million’ of Aaliyah that brought several hits.

Timberland brought out his talent through the stand out tracks like ‘4 Page Letter’, ‘One in a Million’ and ‘If Your Girl only Knew’ in a row. He then started writing and producing hits for SWV and Ginuwine, before he had joined the Elliott who was his long term musical partner. The major contribution from Magoo and Timberland to theSupa Dupa Fly of Elliott brought out a new track to the record buying users. Timberland had become well famous as a producer and the soundtracks for ‘Dr. Dolittle’ and ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’ had included his remix.


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