Wii Cheats

Wii is a Nintendo game developer released video game console. The game console comprises of various popular video games. These are inclusive of Mario, Super Mario, Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt and My Sims. All these video games are loved by children worldwide. Apart from these video games, the Nintendo has also developed video games based on famous movies. Some of such games are National Geographic: Arctic Tale, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 and The Golden Compass.

In the Wii Cheats players can get the cheat codes for various Wii video games. Various websites along with the official website, provides these cheat codes. The cheat codes are the codes with which players can beat the computer in the games. Some of the cheat coeds help the player to get extra or sometimes infinite life. This way the player can play without losing the life. Some of the cheat codes unlock the higher difficulty levels directly. This way player can get onto the higher levels without playing previous lower difficulty levels.

The cheat codes and their passwords are different for different games. This is because the requirements to win a game are different for different for different games. Players can view all maps of treasure with the cheat codes. In the video games like Mario Strike 8 various figures, stages and sounds can be unlocked with the help of these cheat codes.

The cheat codes are the small terms which are inserted at the time of developing the game. When the player enters these terms or passwords, respective stage or feature is added to the game. This way the game is made more interesting.


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