Yahoo! is a well known website that provides a wide range of options. One can use Yahoo! for news, posting, Yahoo! mail, Yahoo! directory, search engine and a web portal. It is one of the most visited websites on internet. It is visited by over 130 million people and Unique Users. Millions of people have their e- mail ID on Yahoo!.

The website was founded in January 1994, by graduate students from Stanford University, David Filo and Jerry Yang. The website was incorporated in March 1995. The company’s headquarter is situated in Sunnyvale in California.

Yahoo! is a web portal like many other web directories and search engines. The other web portals which were rapidly growing with Yahoo! were Excite, Lycos and MSN. In March 1997, Yahoo! acquired “Four11”, a company dealing with online communication. The web- mail service provided by this company was named as Rocketmail and later as Yahoo mail. Yahoo! introduced Yahoo! Games, when it acquired Another company called “eGroups” was acquired by Yahoo! and was named as ‘Yahoo1 Groups’. Yahoo! Messenger was launched in July 1999.

Yahoo! provides a wide range of online services. The search engine enables users to find desired data and websites. These searches include shopping search, news, local, video and image. Yahoo! mail and messenger are communication services. The user generated matter is displayed on Flickr, Yahoo! 360°, Yahoo! Personals and My Web. Other services are inclusive of content, mobile, moblogging, email, instant messaging, game, ringtones, shopping, travel and advertising.


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