Benecol Smart Chews

Benecol Smart Chew is one of the safest, delicious and convenient methods to help reduce your cholesterol. Every soft Benecol Smart Chew comprises of 20 calories and it even contains 0.85 grams plant stanol esters, which is a proven ingredient to lower cholesterol. Benecol Smart Chews are available in a tasty flavor of creamy caramel. The chews are separately wrapped and are available in a convenient 120 resealable pouch. If you start taking two soft chews twice in a day with snacks or meals then you are sure to lower your cholesterol in not more than two weeks. These Benecol Smart Chews are just available online. Each and every chew normally provides single serving and 4 grams of carbohydrates. These chews can be used by those people who want to take medications for extra cholesterol reduction.      



Some of the important features of Benecol Smart Chews are mentioned below:


Ø      Benecol Smart Chews can reduce your cholesterol in not more than two weeks if you take two chews in a day.

Ø      Benecol Smart Chews can be used by those people who taken statin medications for reducing extra cholesterol.

Ø      Benecol Smart Chews contain plant stanol esters that are said to be one of the best sources for reducing bad cholesterol.

Ø      More than twenty-five clinical researches have stated that plat stanol esters are safe for consumption.     

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