Bleeding love – Leona Lewis

The music track "Bleeding love" has two videos. The first video is directed by Melina and is filmed in Los Angeles. The video features storylines of four couples who are in different stages of relationships. The video is simply fantastic and features everything right from first love and the unbridled passion to the loss, heartbreak and anger. She, Lewis claims that is funky and colorful. Further, the director says that the water which is in the video is like a metaphor for the love problem f tenants, like the apartment was like bleeding love. Lewis has adorned £100,000 Dolce & Gabbana crystal embedded dress that weights about 40 pounds. The same dress is also worn by Victoria Beckham in Spice Girls video.

The second video of Lewis was filmed in New York City. Treatment for the video was written by Ryan Tedder. The storyline of this video features Lewis involved in an argument with her boyfriend. The role of boyfriend is played by Nicholas Lemons. This video is directed by the popular director Jesse Terro. The video was uploaded on YouTube in January 2008.

Both the videos of "Bleeding love" became popular and thus got fame to Leona Lewis for her wonderful performances.


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