Busy It Baby Pt. 2 – Plies

Busy It Baby Pt. 2 is the part of Busy It Baby, which is one of the first Double singles to be released. The song is the 2nd part of the album and features both Plies and NEYO. In fact, if you have heard the song before and have listened to Plies before, you will be impressed more by the style of singing than the song itself.

Busy It Baby managed to reach the #8 on the Billboard charts in the first week of its release itself. In fact, the song is here to stay and will feature remain in the top ten on the charts for some time now.

The catchy style in which NEYO sings the verse in the song is sure to hook you to the song and get you addicted for some time at least. The hood lyrics and the southern drawl style of signing that Plies adds to the songs makers all the difference to the song and even though, you might have heard the several other versions that the song has, you are sure to get hooked to this one.

The video of the song features not only the singers but also DJ khaled and Rick Ross, who appear in the video for small cameo roles.


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