Chris Brown "Forever"

American R&B artist Chris Brown's "Forever" is the first single hit of the repackaged Forever Edition and the second hit song from the studio album "Exclusive". After the immense success of his previous single hit "With You", his "Forever" also hit the top of the charts worldwide. This particular song "Forever" rocked the Australian and European charts while "With You" still continuing to be strongly liked worldwide. "Forever" went on to become the Chris Brown's top selling song from the hit album "Exclusive". It also officially climbed the 9th spot in the US top ten charts and reached 7th at the Billboard Hot 100.

In fact, "Forever" is the 5th top hit single for Chris Brown in the year 2008 after No Air, With You, Kiss Kiss and Shawty Get Loose. Forever was actually among the four new songs which were recorded by Chris Brown for "Exclusive", the 2nd studio album from Brown. Forever is believed to be one of the best single hits ever recorded by Chris Brown which went on to rock the charts worldwide. This single hit by Brown brought the dazzling essence of modern techno and trance to typical pop fans. After the initial release of "Forever" on 15th April 2008, it reached the number 9 position on the Billboards Hot 100 in US. It was said to be the highest debutant of that week.                  


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