Coldplay "Viva La Vida (Live)"

"Viva La Vida", the second hit single from the famous English rock band Codeplay was initially released on 7th of May 2008. It was a major hit across the nation becoming one of the most successful songs both in UK and US.  It also reached the number one place in the Billboard Hot 100 list, becoming the first song to reach this stage after Spice Girls "Wannabe" in the year 1997.

Codeplay the English rock band were initially accused for copying the melody song of Viva La Vida. However, they denied saying that it was their original script. Even though this song was initially disqualified from the Charts of UK it was eligible only after the release of this album. After the release this song went on to become number one hitting the charts as the top single in UK. This song was also released in other places which include Australia, Canada, Italy, Ireland, Norway and Sweden.

Before its release this song was utilized in an advertising campaign for iTunes Stores and Apple iPod as Codeplay was performing this song live for the first time at the MTV Movie Awards 2008. This song reached number 2 position at the Australian singles chart and Italian singles chart where as at the Irish and Japanese singles chart it reached the 3rd spot.



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