Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas "This Is Me"

The fourth hit single "This Is Me" from Camp Rock Soundtrack was released on 17th June 2008. On its debut this single reached the top spot on the iTunes Top 100 charts and on the Billboards Hot 100 it was number 11. This song was written by Mitchie Torres played by Demi Lovato and sung with Shane Fray played by Joe Jonas in the original movie Camp Rock. The original soundtrack of the movie Camp Rock was released in two disc versions where in the second disc was offered as the bonus.

Some of the other songs included in this movie include Play My Music, We Rock, Here I Am, Our Time Is Here, Too Cool etc. Demi Lovato is the main female character of the movie that plays a rich girl who wants to go to the Camp Rock. Joe Jonas is the main male character who is the lead singer of the "Connect Three" rock band. Kevin and Nick Jonas are some of the other band members included in this movie. On the premiere night this film averaged almost 8.9 million viewers making this movie the second highest viewed movie behind the all time hit "High School Musical 2".             


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