Lollipop – Lil Wayne

Lollipop video is directed by Gil Green. The director's cut was then leaked on internet. The video was first premiered via the BET's Access Granted in March, 2008. The song in the video features electric guitar in the background of chorus. However, the actual music video doesn't. Lollipop is the second one from single Lil Wayne's studio albums, Carter III. The song features B&B artist. The song has become popular amongst people. It has a much colder tone as compared to his other songs in the past.

This song also features a style of Auto tune singing style that has been experimented with some tracks of Lil. The video peaked at number one position on TRL. Many people have also uploaded this video on YouTube. The video of this song features Maloof brothers who are playing poker game. The video has been filmed at Maloof's multimillion dollar mansion which is in the Southern Highlands Golf Club also at many other Las Vegas resorts. The cameos include Brisco, Birdman, Mack 10, Jim Jonsin, Deelishis, Tyga, and the Glasses Malone. The end of this track video features a dedication to the Static Major who passed away just two weeks before the release of the single.  


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